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We have been HUGE fans of Candelle & Co for so long so we are so excited to finally be able to stock their gorgeous candles!

Candle swag at it's finest, all individually designed with a monochrome vibe and a cocktail of scents to choose from, from pink prosecco, malibu, mojito twist; the list goes on....

We wanted to get to know the story behind our fab new candles and had the pleasure of a short interview with Danielle Calder, Founder of Candelle & Co.


The House Outfit: Candelle & Co, where did it all begin?

Danielle: Candelle & Co began with an idea, a thought in my head. It was Christmas time 2015 and I was making greetings cards and wrapping presents for my family, I have always been creative, so I would hand make things. My friend bought me a candle, as I'm a bit of a candle addict, and I was lighting it one day. It was like a little light bulb went in my head, I thought I could try and make my own candles and would love to give some personalised ones as gifts. I started experimenting and researching everything I needed to know about making the perfect candle. Designing the labels was the easy part, as I have a graphic design background. I really enjoyed it and decided to open up for business in January 2016. 


The House Outfit: Who or what is your biggest inspiration when designing your candles? 

Danielle: My biggest inspo in the candle industry is Jo Malone, my husband buys me all of her products at Christmas time. Her story is very inspiring and made me feel that I too could do this and become successful. Designing candles is the fun part as I have so much inspiration, people send quotes and phrases to me and there is a lot of Australian candle companies that inspire me and are bold with their choice of words. That's when I thought, I wonder if the UK would accept F**ing fabulous.. Because it is such a common word we use and its a really fun gift to give a friend, it has become one of our biggest sellers. 


The House Outfit: Whats your all-time favourite Candelle & Co candle?

Danielle: Thats a really tricky one as I love them all.. But if I was to choose one it would be My Stay Wild  (Orange & Chilli) It's not very popular with the online customers because they can't smell it but it really is a fave of mine. And stay wild to me means follow your heart and don't tell anyone you can't do something. 


The House Outfit: What does the future hold for Candelle & Co?

Danielle: Our future is looking really exciting. The past 8 month have gone so fast we don't have time to think about whats going to happen next, but we do have a few goals and plans. We are hoping to branch into the cosmetic side and make body products. We have a huge event coming up in December in Glasgow (the girls day out) and we are growing our choice of fragrances all of the time. We will also hopefully get to some trade fairs next year to show case our lovely products for all of our new and existing stockists. 



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