Hanging Photos with Style at Home: A Guide by The House Outfit

 gallery wall

Everyone wants to take pride in their home, elevating spaces with the most stylish, timeless, yet impactful homeware and decor. Homes should be inviting for the family after a long and tiring day while also offering guests a true reflection of your personality and tastes. When it comes to decorating a home, there is one method that proves to be both popular and powerful. Photos.

Placing images of family and friends, creating gallery walls filled with memories, and displaying photographs of your favourite things and places will not only bring your walls to life but also bring a smile to your face. But how do you get started?

Here's a guide to hanging photos with style in your home.

Planning & Layouts

Before going ahead, purchasing frames in various styles and sizes and then hammering random nails into random walls, you must plan. While you may think adding art to your walls is just about putting them in any free space you have, you're wrong - if you want your home to look stylish and flow cohesively, before finding the perfect frames, you need to know where and how you'll hang them. Here are a few things to consider:

A Linear Look:

One of the most straightforward design options seen in almost every home is hanging a set of photos in a horizontal or vertical line. This option often works best in long, narrow areas of the home, such as hallways or staircases.

A Simple Grid:

When using multiple frames, such as 4 or 6, you can opt to hang these together in a grid formation. The pros of this style are creating a modern, symmetrical space and the ease of where to hang it. These designs look best in open spaces, such as on a large wall above the sofa.

A Gallery Wall:

For those with a contemporary home, not scared of standing out and making a statement, gallery walls will be the best way to go. This can be done mixing and matching various sized frames in a collage across the wall. It's a visually pleasing showstopper that can be created in many ways and scales, perfect for spaces of all sizes.

Beige feather neutral artwork framed gallery wall

The Size Of Your Walls Matter

Something often overlooked when homeowners are hanging photos is the size of the wall being used. In fact, this has a huge impact on the result achieved during decorating.

How To Hang Pictures On Small Walls:

The perfect place to incorporate smaller designs into the home with the likes of A5 or A4 frames. Your smaller walls need to be complimented with small frames; this prevents the space from becoming overwhelmed. A stylish linear look would work best here.

How To Hang Pictures And Art On Large Walls:

This provides you with an opportunity to either make a statement or get creative. You could opt to display one or two large A1 frames in a linear manner; however, large walls provide the space for a grand gallery wall displaying your most loved memories and art pieces.

Levaerage The Narrow Spaces:

If you happen to have narrow areas around door frames or between rooms, this is the space to hang small family photos and memorabilia. You may find this looks best in a vertical line following the wall down/up.

Choosing The Frames

Now is the time to start your frame shopping; however, remember that the frame you choose will impact the overall look of your space. For example, a bright pink frame in a vintage-inspired home will look a little out of place. However, a light wood frame will tie in nicely to your existing decor. Here are some tips:

Choose The Correct Frame Size:

As mentioned previously, when looking to make a statement in the home, displaying photos and artwork in various sizes will do just that. Small frames will be the perfect pick for filling in small gaps in your decor. However, large frames elevate empty walls.


You'll also have the option of adding matting to your frames. This allows you to border your photos for a professional, clean, and stylish result.

Choose A Style That Matches:

Are you looking for a seamless display or are you feeling a little daring? While some people choose to select the same frame for all their photos, some opt to mix and match colours and styles. This will mostly depend on the decor within your home already.

To conclude, hanging photos requires a lot of thought, from planning the perfect spots in the home for your favourite photos to discovering the best frames for the right spaces and wall sizes; while this is all true, this experience should be fun. At the end of the day, as long as you're proud of your home and the style of your rooms, that's all that matters. Transform your bare walls into beautiful displays of photos, wall art and memories this year and create a house you love to call home. Happy decorating.

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