About Us

At The House Outfit, we have been an online destination with a passion for home fashion since 2016. Over this time, we have helped so many customers to dress their naked walls with our growing collection of over 500 products. All of our home accessories and home wall art have been carefully curated to ensure that you can have the interior space of your dreams!

Our Mission At The House Outfit

We want to inspire and build a relationship with our customers through a mutual love for all things interior. The home is a central place for many of us, and we want to foster a connection with that, offering ways to bring personality and heart to the home.

It's our aim to provide customers with original designs, quality prints with an efficient and friendly service.

Plus, we want to dress naked walls around the world.

What Started It All For The House Outfit?

The House Outfit started as a desire for a new creative challenge for Lara Coward, our founder, where there were no limitations and no guidelines to follow other than her own.

"I come from a really creative background, and in 2016 I was working for the White Company as a visual merchandiser. And while initially, the creativity was liberating, after four years dressing and styling to a company's specific creative vision, I was ready for something new."

And what started as a one-woman band with our amazing founder Lara packing orders on her bedroom floor has transformed into a real family in just five years! We now operate from two separate industrial units as a team of 6, with every member of our growing team bringing their unique taste to the mix.

How We Bring You The Latest Designs

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality art, accessories, and all things interior by seeking out the latest trends for bespoke art no matter our customers' unique style.

Our style-obsessed teams constantly follow the latest interior-design movements to see what colours and designs are 'on trend'.

We also listen to our customers. You know what you love, and it's our mission to give you the perfect aesthetic. So we take on board all the feedback from our customers on what works and what doesn't.

But most of all? We design what we love.

Our team is small, dynamic and very creative. So we often work together from those initial stages through to production, from picking the colours to naming the designs. Our inspiration comes from anywhere, but we think it's our unique team that makes The House Outfit special.

What Makes The House Outfit Different?

You always know when your decor is from The House Outfit. But how?

Well, we stay true to our own style, working with a holistic process to make sure that all our products are items and designs that we genuinely love. Our paper quality is thicker than many other interior and home-styling companies out there, using industry professionals and state of the art printers to ensure that luxury feel.

We care about our carbon footprint, which is why all our prints are printed to order so that we can limit wastage; we also use a local manufacturer with eco-friendly printing materials.

Because being kind to our home, in a wider sense, is just as much a part of our mission as bringing unique prints and accessories to your home.