Make A Bold Statement With Our Black Wall Frames

      At The House Outfit, we believe every wall should make a statement, and with our range of premium black wall frames, you can make every print stand out. Dress your prints in our sleek and stylish matte black wall frames for your pictures or black wood frames - perfect for any and every wall art print.  
      Whether A2, A3, A4, or A5, our thin black wall frames look good any size! So, if you are looking to create a minimalistic feel with a monochromatic collage of framed prints, or just hoping to upgrade your old wall photo frames with a cool, modern twist, our high quality and affordable matte black and wooden black picture frames are perfect for you.

      Dress your walls with the LBF! (Little Black Frame)

      When it comes to fashion for home, paying tribute to the classics never goes amiss. We like to think our black wood frames are a lot like the little black dress - cool, effortless and always in style.

      Whether you’re channelling minimalist vibes or opting for a dark and cosy mood, we highly recommend opting for our black frames.

      What’s that saying? Black goes with everything? The same can be said for our prints. From abstract brush strokes to photographic wall art, a sleek black frame is always complimentary.

      Why Purchase A Thin Black Wall Frame?

      Our black wood frame and matte black picture frames will not only transform your space in the most stylish way but they will also ensure your framed prints are protected whilst on display, preventing them from the elements and any other potential damage.

      Don’t just stop with a black wood frame either, go all out and pair it with our white frames and create the ultimate monochromatic mural for your space. With The House Outfit, the possibilities are endless.

      You’ve heard us say that naked walls are out, well, so are naked prints. Dress your prints and adorn your home with stylish black wall frames for your pictures from The House Outfit.