Feather Prints

Create an oasis of bohemian decor with our timeless collection of feather wall art. Adding depth and texture to any room, these feather prints are the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. Our feather art collection works to create a relaxed boho style amongst a layer of eclectic patterns or minimalistic decor whilst giving off a soothing energy.

So, whether you’re searching for a piece of art to become a room's focal point or a set of feather prints to create a feature wall, this collection gives you that versatility to design a look best suited to your home. 

Available in a selection of sizes to meet your wall's specific dress code, our feather collection pairs up beautifully with our range of frames, from A3-A5, Black-Silver - your options are endless. 

Transform Your Home With Stylish Prints

Instantly change the mood in your bedroom, living or dining room with a selection of feather prints in various sizes, and witness the beauty of introducing bohemian design elements into your home.

Increasingly popular, the boho style is a free-spirited airy style - and that taps in perfectly with feather prints, don't you think?

Make It Yours With Feather Prints & Bespoke Frames

House your feather prints in a frame that’ll become an extension of the print itself. Not only are our luxury frames stunning, but they also work to keep your prints safe from damage - what more could you ask for? 

Our gold and silver frames add a glistening sparkle to your feather prints, while our black and white frames create a more contemporary look.

We’ve designed our frames to fit into every type of interior, so whether you’re looking to place your prints on a bedside table or hang them in the main room above the mantelpiece - we’ve got you covered. 

Explore various sizes and colours to pick the best-suited home for the newest additions to your art collection - it’s the perfect finishing touch.

Explore our range of beautiful feather prints today, and let the dreamy quality of our designs create a classic, calming feeling in your home.