Gallery Wall Prints

      Surely your walls deserve the best? Here at The House Outfit, we’re all about gallery wall art that elevates the room to a whole new level which is why we created our very own range of featured pieces for you to show off. 

      With our gallery wall sets, it is the perfect way to add that flourish to any room - highly recommended for those jaw-dropping "this is your room?" moments when you have guests. So, whether you are looking for bold and beautiful or slick and stylish, we have the perfect photo wall to suit your design needs. 

      Check out our unique collections of gallery wall art, and don't leave your walls feeling naked.   

      Gallery Wall Art Unlike Any Other

      When it comes to our gallery wall prints, we personally think the most challenging part will be choosing which one you love most. But then again, why limit yourself to just one?

      Your walls at home have been dreaming of the perfect partner, and well, we think it's a match made in heaven. Our gallery wall set won't just be a prominent part of your room but will complement your spaces, taking them from a house to a home.

      Whether you are looking to add a little something special to the room or looking for a whole new aesthetic, we have the perfect, timeless gallery wall prints for you!

      Why Add Our Gallery Wall Set To Your Home?

      Want to add something to your room that doesn't just sit there? Are you tired of disjointed items decorating your walls but not creating something cohesive?

      Then look no further than our gallery wall prints. We know how much of an impact the perfect feature wall can have, which is why our selection of gallery wall art lets you choose from some of the best feature art.

      Pick your favourites from bespoke designs from first-class artists on high-quality materials. Why? Because we're obsessed with the best and know you are too.

      So no matter the statement you are trying to make, whether you want to add a modern twist to an empty room or change up the atmosphere of your home, our gallery wall prints are the perfect way to do it.

      But why stop at just the perfect gallery wall set for your home when you can pair it with a bespoke and sleek looking frame? We house a great range of frames that suit our prints perfectly, bringing an extra level of detail that finishes any look off.

      Plus, we might be biased, but we recommend combining some of our silver wall frames and copper wall frames to add that special something to your new gallery wall art!

      For advice on styling or more information, please don't hesitate to contact us today.