Framed Prints

      Frame your prints for the perfect finishing touch to your walls. Kiss goodbye to naked walls and empty rooms, as you can now decorate them with framed prints that will complement your space. 

      Not only do we have a wide range of wall prints that are available in a variety of different colours but we have a selection of frames too. Whether you want to add your artwork or photos into these frames or use them to create that sleek finish with our prints, the options are endless! 

      With so many unique ways to display framed prints, you can get creative with our range of prints and wall frames at The House Outfit.

      Add Framed Prints Into Your Interior

      Our collection of framed prints has so many different sizes and colours, so you are bound to find something to suit the style of your home interior. Whether you have small or large prints, we have frames available in A2, A3, and A4, making it easy for you to display your prints in any way that you like.

      As we have every wall frame available in a variety of sizes, it doesn’t matter how much or little space you have in your property as your prints can be displayed on shelves, above fireplaces, and even diagonally up the stairs. Adding a wall frame to your photos or prints will create that seamless and sleek finish to your space.

      Why Use A Wall Frame?

      From black to gold, silver, copper, and even oak wood, the variety means that you can find the wall frames that tick all your boxes without having to settle for second best. Framing your print is the perfect way to personalise your new artwork and put your stamp on it! Not only this, but it also enables you to provide your print with additional protection, whether it is displayed on a shelf or hanging as a centrepiece on your wall. Plus, if you are hanging your prints, then you can use the frame to hang the print, as opposed to damaging the print itself.

      If you want to hang up photos instead of artwork, then frames can help to add new life to dull and old photographs and elevate your walls! So, if you would like to find out more about our framed prints, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.