BIG PICTURE FRAMES: 50x70cm

      Frame your big prints and artwork with our large wall frames, browse our selection to find a large frame that complements your current home style, or provides a refresh to an empty wall. Whatever your reason you will be sure to discover the picture perfect finish at The House Outfit.

      Do you want to bring interest to an empty wall? Maybe add a focal point? From oak to black and many more, our large frames are perfect for adding that final detail to your favourite artwork.

      Whether its bedroom wall art or living room art, our 50x70cm large picture frames will help add the finishing touch to any decor and uplift a bare wall.


      If you’re searching for a big frame, you’re probably seeking to make a statement or focal point on your walls. Whether you have a colourful print or a sophisticated wall print, our 50x70cm frames are available in a range of finishes to complement your desired style.

      At The House Outfit our assortment of big frames allow you to display your wall art in whatever way you like. With many unique ways to incorporate your prints, photos or artwork into your home's decor, you can easily give your living space a brand new-look in the blink of an eye. No matter your style or layout, large wall art is a great way to transform your bare walls.

      Why Choose A 50X70 Big Photo Frame?

      Are you after maximum impact with little effort? Big photo frames help to showcase your chosen wall art and elevate your living space.

      Wall art is not always best left naked, our frames will protect and keep your favourite prints and artwork safe, ensuring your main focal point remains centre of attention.

      Whatever finish you’re after, you can’t go wrong with The House Outfit range of 50x70cm big photo frames.