Abstract Art Prints

Abstracts art prints are a fantastic way to bring dynamism and colour to a home. Delight your senses as you brighten up those walls with unique abstract wall art from our gorgeous collections.

To give your home a personal touch, we hand-pick the designs we love the most, to offer you a selection of bold, smart or classic abstract prints that means you’re guaranteed to find something you like, regardless of your personal taste!

Abstract art works well with a wide range of interior design types and schemes. A modern abstract art can complete your area and give energy to your home, whether you want to harmonise with the contemporary or clash with the classical.

Why Choose Abstract Art?

Is there a quick and easy way to make practically any abstract art feel at home? Make a buddy for it. Our collections are designed to work in harmony, complementing whichever colour palettes you decide on with simple, bold or elegant designs.

A pair of abstract pieces will feel intentional and balanced whether hung side by side, or paired with a larger piece of abstract wall art, or presented flanking a doorway or a piece of furniture.

The idea is to keep the artworks' sizes and framing similar, even if the colours and forms of the compositions differ. It is always nice when your abstract art and decor coordinate to a tee!

Discover our brilliant and colourful abstract art prints to find that perfect piece for your house, whether you're looking for a big statement piece or simply want to freshen your home decor and add colour.

When you’re selecting the right artwork for the specific space you have in mind, consider your existing aesthetic and how your new abstract wall art might coordinate with your furnishings.

How To Style Abstract Wall Art

For example, our Navy Rust Abstract piece would complement both a warm, rustic space or it could easily bring a pop of colour to a minimalist, clean and modern room. While our Abstract Circle print brings a more neutral, subtle aesthetic to your walls.

Because there is less rigid form with abstract prints, you’re more free to add these to wherever you see fit - take advantage of their versatile nature and go wild!

But if you need a little inspiration, don't hesitate to contact our team, who will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have.

To create a personal home filled with the perfect art, explore our collection of modern abstract wall art from The House outfit today, and find your missing piece.