Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art is a fantastic way to bring dynamism and colour to your home, and our gorgeous collection of abstract prints is guaranteed to brighten up your walls and delight your senses.

At The House Outfit, we believe your space should represent you. So, to give your home a personal touch, we hand-pick the abstract wall art designs that we love to offer you a selection of bold, smart, or classic abstract prints. This means you’re guaranteed to find something you like, regardless of your taste!

Why Choose Abstract Wall Art?

Aside from being bold and beautiful, abstract art is perfect for your home simply because it takes so many forms in comparison to other styles of wall art. There is complete freedom of colours and shapes, making it easy for everyone to find a piece that suits their style.

How Can I Style Abstract Art?

If you’re stuck on how to style your abstract wall art, don’t worry! The beauty of abstract art is how versatile it is.

Our favourite way to style abstract prints is in pairs or series. Whether it’s a set series or you mix and match, our collection of abstract prints works in harmony, complementing whichever colour palettes you decide on with simple, bold or elegant designs. If you’re looking for a statement piece, don’t stress. Our abstract prints are just as impactful alone.

Want a symmetrical look to contrast the freedom of your abstract wall art? Then keep the sizes and frames uniform. Or, if you want to maintain that effortless, free vibe, opt for a range of sizes and frames.

Whether you’re looking for A1A2, A3, A4A5 or even 50/70, 30/40 or square frames for your abstract wall art prints, we will have something for you. But if you need a little inspiration, don't hesitate to contact our team, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.