A1 FRAMES

      Whether you’re an enthusiast about art, love capturing photographs or appreciate creating an aesthetic home, choose an A1 picture frame to bring your walls to life. Our A1 frames are robust, made from high-quality and sustainable materials and (most importantly) look chic! We provide the ultimate protection for your artworks, posters and prints while enhancing their visual appeal.


      Interior design is all about adding personality to your home decor, and, in our opinion, paintings, photos and artwork make a house a home. However, what takes these looks to the next level are the frames. Framing is sometimes left as an afterthought, but at The House Outfit, we see it as an integral part of dressing your walls.

      Choosing an A1 photo frame can truly change the feeling of the piece you are displaying; it can enhance the colours, aesthetic appeal and overall vibe. Each of our frames is unique and can bring something special to your home.


      Each individual will have a different preference in both the artwork they wish to display on their property and the frames they elevate the overall look with. There are a couple of key tips we can give you to ensure you pick the perfect frame to compliment your beloved prints and photography.

      Firstly, the measurements. Your A1 print should measure 594 x 841 mm (23.4 x 33.1 inches) if what you want is a frame for that specific piece from one of our collections.

      Secondly, we should look at the base colour within your wall art; if it’s a statement design featuring bright colours, a delicate, clean frame in a neutral wood, black or white, will ensure the attention is kept on the design as a whole.

      We have a beautiful variety of frames, ranging from A5, A2, or A3 frames for pictures and paintings. The right frame can transform your walls and your prints, so you can choose one that ties your interior together. Browse our A1 frames today and see what we have to personalise your art.