Gold Photo Frames

      Struggling to find the perfect frame to elevate those blank spaces? You can now complement your existing decor with us; we've got you covered.

      Protect your prints, photos and artwork with our premium collection of gold picture frames. Available in a wide range of sizes, our frames make for the perfect show-stopping statement or, alternatively, cohesively create a stunning gallery wall display. Our gold picture frames add those final finishing touches to any room, or even home office for timeless, high-quality interiors made to last.

      Add a Touch of Golden Elegance

      No wall should ever be naked. That's why you need gold frames from The House Outfit. No matter your interior, be that vintage, rustic or modern chic, these decorative gold frames not only dress your bare walls but elevate them too.

      Finding the perfect complimentary, classy frame for those much-loved prints and photographs has never been easier. We have a collection of delicate yet statement collections, so you're guaranteed to find a frame for each picture size. Not only will these gold frames catch the eye, but they'll seamlessly flatter any design you choose to hang on your wall.

      Be it for the luxury look or a complimentary uplift, gold frames suit any house and any interior, so what are you waiting for? Our bestselling abstract, typography and nude prints pair perfectly with our gold frames, making each and every colour pop. At The House Outfit, every hour is golden hour.