Use our oak photo frames to accentuate your favourite family photos and new prints. Our solid oak picture frames are the timeless, neutral pieces you need to finish off your home. These lightweight, sturdy frames will add the finishing touches you have been looking for to compliment your space. 

      The House Outfit oak picture frames come in various sizes, whether you need smaller pieces to decorate your bookcase and bedside table or larger frames to bring your bare walls to life.


      Oak wood photo frames can bring a modern, Scandinavian style into your home or a more traditional look, depending on how you use them and the interior design themes running through the space.

      If you are going for the trending Scandinavian look, we recommend using our solid oak picture frames to build a simplistic gallery wall; this could be used as a feature piece in the room. Your new gallery wall could be for a bedroom or entry hall, or sit proudly above your dining table. When creating your gallery wall, you could go for a simplistic approach using three of our larger frames really make a statement or opt for using a few different-sized frames and place them around one another, creating a collage look.

      If you want to keep your home traditional with some delicate paintings and elegant prints, selecting some of our oak picture frames to place throughout your house in various rooms that tie in with one another as well as your interior design choices will bring that homely feel to your space that everyone is looking for!

      Tip - always plan where you will be positioning your oak wood photo frames before purchasing them. This will ensure you know the sizes that are the most suitable for your prints and the space you want to display them in.


      Choosing the perfect photo frame to display your precious memories can be a challenging task. But once you have chosen these stunning oak photo frames, why not make your job easier and fill your bare walls with a stunning gallery wall?

      Your walls deserve the best, and our frames will complement your home decor perfectly. These frames not only showcase your photos beautifully but also add warmth and character to your living spaces.

      Whether you want to add a touch of sophistication to your room or create a new ambience, our solid frames offer a classic aesthetic that always stays in style. So why wait? Start curating your gallery wall with our durable, exquisite oak photo frames today.


      The soft colour of our solid oak picture frames will pair perfectly with the calming atmosphere of a bedroom. Browse our collection of neutral bedroom wall art that can hang delicately above your bed, around your dressing table or as a statement piece if you have that space to fill.

      Our botanical wall art will compliment your new oak frames beautifully. Continue with the natural theme by pairing your frames with our plant and pampas prints. Not only will these prints compliment almost every room in your house, be that the bathroom, bedroom or living room, but the neutral colours and greens of our botanical prints are also the perfect match with the oak.

      Still, need some print inspiration? We have a fantastic selection of prints you can shop alongside our collection of frames. We have everything you need to accentuate your space and bring your home to life!

      Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.