Home Decoration Gift Guide For Christmas

‘Tis the festive season! At The House Outfit, we’re loving the cosier weather and the Christmassy vibes. As we get closer to the key festive dates, it’s time to start thinking about shopping for your loved ones. Some friends and family can be very easy to shop for, you simply see something they’d love on your first shopping outing and it’s done! However, some are a little pickier so finding the perfect present is more challenging. 

Home decorations are the ideal gift for anyone, whether they love interior design or they just spend a lot of time at home, everyone deserves to have a space they feel calm in and proud of. It can also be tricky to decide on the size of a gift to give to someone, so we’ve provided a home decoration gift guide with plenty of variation! 

Still not sure where to start? We’ve got suggestions ranging from wall art to cushions.

Christmas tree in a living room

Christmas Decoration Gifts

Christmas is always a busy time and inevitably there end up being festive get-togethers that celebrate the big day early which means Christmas decorations can be included in your list of potential gifts. Baubles and Christmas ornaments can be incredibly personal, and buying them for friends and family guarantees the recipient will think of you every single Christmas. You can also go one step further and get a personalised decoration for them, such as a bauble with their name on it.

Soft Furnishings

Everyone is always in need of more soft furnishings - especially in the winter! Soft furnishings can be anything from rugs or cushions to blankets. They make a room feel homely and much more comfortable for anyone relaxing there. Some people may not feel the need or have the means to spend money on a luxury like soft furnishings, so it can be the perfect treat when gifted.

Decorative Art

Artwork is one of the best ways of adding a personal touch to a room. It can also be a great present for family and friends as it’s something that they can treasure and that will last forever. When buying wall art, you’ve also got tons of options. Maybe you want to opt for a standalone piece or perhaps a set to begin their gallery wall

Before you buy though, there are a few things you should ask yourself. What colours does this person have in their space? Do they already have wall art that your new piece would need to compliment? Are they minimalist or do they prefer big and bold? If you can buy the artwork with this in mind, you’ll find the perfect gift for them. 

If you want to take your gift to the next level, treat your recipient to a frame. Frames can be easily forgotten but really bring a space together whilst protecting your art and giving it a luxury finish.  

Wall art

Remember, buying presents doesn’t have to be stressful. Giving yourself a specific space like home decor can help give you a starting point, channelling your ideas so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Home decor is personal, meaningful and can suit a range of budgets so it really is the perfect gift for your loved ones.