How Big Your Room Needs To Be To Fit In An A2 Print?

Bored of having naked walls? Your home should reflect your personality as much as your wardrobe does…. 

Kiss goodbye to dull living spaces and decorate your rooms with art and prints that show off your taste and style. 

Our A2 frames tie together all the accessories in the room whilst not stealing the limelight from the art itself. Frames are a perfect way to accentuate your art but also add cohesion amongst all of the pieces in the room. When choosing frames, The House Outfit offers endless options! 

From A2 wooden frames to A2 white frames, we’ll have something to suit your style. 

We also have a gorgeous range of A2 prints to elevate your space. We understand it can be difficult to determine whether your space is the right size for an A2 size print, so we’ve collated a few things to consider and help you decide. 

Art Needs Space To Breathe

A2 prints are a great size, enough to make a statement but they won’t overwhelm your room. However, when considering if your room is big enough for an A2 print, you must make sure the art has enough space around it that the walls don’t seem cluttered. 

This being said, placing an A2 piece on a huge wall will make the art seem lost and will look out of proportion with the room. 

Three pieces of art prints hanging above beige sofa

Compliment Your Other Art

It doesn’t have to be A2 only! We have a stunning selection of different sizes of art and frames including A3, A4 and A5. When deciding if your rooms are appropriate for an A2 print, the existing art you have on your walls must be accounted for. Will the sizes fit together? Are they too drastically different? Do they look aesthetically pleasing? These are all things to consider when choosing gorgeous A2 prints. 

The Rest Of The Room

Your  furniture will also play a part in how big your room needs to be! If you’ve filled your room with lovely sofas, chairs or a bed you’ll need to place the A2 print on a wall where the furniture against it, is a complimentary size. Having a big print on the wall with a small armchair underneath it, might look a bit out of proportion. 

Colours Are Important! 

Wall colours play a big part in how large or small the room feels. If you’ve got a bigger room with darker coloured walls, it might feel more intimate than it actually is. Vice versa if you have a smaller room with light coloured walls it will feel more spacious! Being aware of this will help you decide whether your room is big enough for an A2 print. 

Three pieces of art prints hanging on the wall above sofa

Your space should feel like a representation of you! There are no hard and fast rules that decide if your room is big enough for an A2 print. We’re advocates for decorating your home exactly how you like it.

These tips will have given you a bit of guidance as choosing art sizing can be a daunting process. Check out our A2 prints and frames to adorn your walls with. Or… if you decide that’s not the right size for you, browse our huge selection of prints and wall art in A3, A4 and A5! Say no to naked walls with The House Outfit.