Unique Kitchen Wall Art

Dress up your kitchen with on-trend, stunning kitchen wall prints that bring a burst of your unique personality to even the most naked of walls. 

Our collection of kitchen prints is carefully chosen to be the perfect addition to any kitchen space. Whether you want to keep it neutral or go bright and bold, this collection has something for every taste.

Why not compliment your colour scheme with kitchen wall decor to match? Artwork can be used to bring the colours of your home together, creating a sense of harmony throughout. Plus, our bespoke wall art frames make the perfect pairing to finish off your interior. Both our artwork and complimentary frames are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes so that you can find your perfect combination.

From sophisticated botanical prints to classic quotes, our stylish range of professionally printed wall art guarantees to turn any wall from bland to beautiful.


Here at The House Outfit, we're experts in perfecting the highest quality kitchen wall art that makes your heart sing.

Our team of expert designers and stylists work tirelessly to ensure every kitchen wall print reflects our passion for the power of wall art to transform any interior. Whether you're buying wall art for a bedroom or a kitchen, we always give you the pick of the bunch.

From small prints to large statement pieces, we provide the design, and you choose the impact. Whatever the size of your kitchen, there's always space for some unique artwork that conveys your personality. With print sizes ranging from A5 to 50x70cm, we provide the flexibility to customise your print to fit your space, as well as the opportunity to combine images of all sizes.

Just like you dress yourself in the morning, our collection allows you to dress this often tired and utilitarian space in artwork that reflects your unique style.

We aim to provide contemporary kitchen wall art that helps you integrate beautiful design throughout your home while feeling effortlessly 'you'.

At The House Outfit, we aim to deliver the highest quality pieces while also helping the environment. All of our art is professionally printed on state of the art laser printers, and for every 1000 sheets of tissue paper we use in our packaging, a new tree is planted on our behalf!

To reduce the consumption of materials, we recycle and reuse our packaging as much as possible. Plus, all our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free to ensure that we remain as eco-friendly as possible.

For advice on choosing your perfect kitchen wall art or more information, please don't hesitate to contact us today!