How Office Art Can Boost Your Productivity

Having art in your office not only can make the room look nicer, but it can also significantly impact the levels of productivity and motivation you show throughout each day. There are multiple ways you can fill your space with wall art prints. Many styles of artwork work wonderfully in an office space, complementing the decor and overall aesthetics. Let’s look at what pieces work best and how these will improve your mood and impact your day-to-day work life.

Typography Prints

Typography is one of the best ways to introduce colour and personality into your office space. Typography prints come in various colours, styles and sizes, so there will be one for everybody’s personal preferences. Having a nice motivational quote can help you get through those more stressful work hours. Similarly, a funny pun would give you a serotonin boost right when you start to feel a little sluggish. The best thing about typography prints is their versatility. You can find these types of prints in almost every colour and size, so whether you want to add one to a gallery wall or make a bright, bold statement on your bare wall; you will find one that works.

Abstract Prints

Another way to add fun dimensions and colour into your workspace is with abstract art. The fun, unique looks will add a focal point to your room, perfect for those offices that need a little pop. There is nothing worse than an uninspiring office with bare walls and a simple desk and chair. For the perfect daily pick-me-up, choose some abstract prints, frame them with a classic oak frame and hang them around the room. You will instantly feel better!

Black & White Prints

If you prefer a more simplistic, professional environment when you need to be productive, introduce some delicate black-and-white photography into your space paired with a classic black frame. Opting for this look will add calm and sophistication, perfect if you need something to make the room feel special without drawing attention with too much colour. You can find black and white photography across many themes and styles, so you can pair the perfect piece with the vibe of your office.

How Does Artwork Impact Your Productivity

Stress Reducing - Art is an expression of creativity that induces emotions and refuses your stress levels. How often have you walked into an art gallery and felt at peace? It has been studied and proven that surrounding yourself with art can decrease your cortisol levels, which is the hormone linked to stress. Lower stress levels result in an increase in productivity and motivation.

Visual Stimulation - A bare office space is uninspiring. Refreshing your room will provide stimulation that helps with focus and energy levels. The visuals of prints and artwork will brighten up your room, add dimension and provide you with the perfect environment for a long productive day.

Inspiration - If you are sitting at the same desk in front of a screen for most of the day, you will need something around you that inspires you, especially if you have a creative job. Art can boost innovative thinking and will allow you to start and complete those tasks you may have been putting off. Having fun, inspiring artwork around your desk will encourage you to think deeper and increase your work efficiency.

Aesthetics - The ambience of your work environment will play a significant part in your levels of creativity and stimulation throughout your work day. A space that incorporates art, colour and other exciting elements will impact your mood as well as your work. Choosing the right piece to complement your room is essential. Ensure the artwork you choose provides you with the serotonin you need while also improving the aesthetics in the office.

Mood Boost - Art will uplift your mood and helps build a positive atmosphere. When you feel happier, you will naturally produce better work. Surround yourself with pieces with a personal touch, reminding you of things you love. This could be family photos, song lyrics, or signed memorabilia. This will help improve your mindset and overall productivity.

When you decide to add art to your workspace, ensure you choose pieces that you not only love but also work with the tone of your work. Avoid adding designs that will distract you or seem unprofessional (primarily if you work for a corporation that hosts meetings on camera). Think about your room's colour palette and pick styles that complement the space and your office furniture. Create an environment you are comfortable in; remember, you will spend a lot of time here, and it’s important you feel motivated to work.

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