How To Choose Your Kitchen Wall Art

The fact that kitchens are the beating heart of our homes is nearly undeniable. They're where we get together to produce amazing meals for friends and family, strengthen our bonds, and create new memories (not to mention, hold 3 p.m. corporate brainstorms and 11 a.m. art class). Therefore, it’s important that your kitchen has the right flow. 

Because, as useful as our kitchens are—and as beautiful as they are—do they actually reflect your home and style? 

This is where kitchen wall art comes in. Some families might prefer functional over creative and distinctive when it comes to kitchen decor, but you can choose the best kitchen wall art decor that’s unique to your personal tastes, by identifying what styles you like best. 


Our kitchen wall art ideas should inspire you whether your style is antique, farmhouse and rustic rustic, or modern and bright.

Check out the various ways you may decorate your kitchen walls, from adorable signage to enormous canvas art with your favourite sayings or phrases.

1. Printed Photography

Although photography may not be the first style that springs to mind when it comes to kitchen décor, using this style can oftentimes add a touch of class, or bring the outside world in depending on the subject of the photographs you choose. You may even consider printing and frame one of your own photos if you're a photographer. 

Also, pictures of sunsets or nature are great as kitchen wall art as it looks and feels warm, which most people want for this busy environment. So take a look at your kitchen colour palette – does it suit black and white cityscapes? Or perhaps a scenic vista to create a worldly aesthetic? 

It’s all about bringing the right vibe when choosing your kitchen wall art - and printed photographs can really bring a unique twist!

2. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are more popular in living rooms and hallways, but they can also work well in the kitchen. Gather signs or photographs to create a gallery with a particular theme for kitchen wall art that really tells guests, friends and family who you are.

Any modern or rustic kitchen can be spruced up with a mixture of prints and funny sayings like "Forks At The Ready" or "Let's Eat", to tie your kitchen together. 

3. Nice & Simple

If you’re more about that minimalist style, then when selecting your kitchen wall art, strive for something basic and understated. The goal is for the artwork or artefacts to fit in with your decor rather than visually clutter an already busy space. Try some unique nude prints, or contemporary pieces that don’t draw the eye, but compliment any open wall space.

Avoid anything too eye-catching and stick to a palette that compliments the contemporary finishes in your area—vintage oil portraits or still-life scenes work well. And don't forget to enjoy yourself when making your choice!

4. Chalkboards 

Chalkboard paint is a low-cost option that quickly transforms any space. 

By painting a part of a wall with chalkboard paint, you may create a feature wall that can be changed out and customised whenever. Create a menu-inspired artwork with a blackboard marker one day, then fill the space with a positive statement the next. 

The natural look of a chalkboard gives you the flexibility to vary up how you design your kitchen's prominent wall. It's a simple way to add personality to a minimalist kitchen design.

Your kitchen should feel like home, warm, safe and fun. We hope that our suggestions above help you when thinking about ways to incorporate art into your kitchen space.