How To Display Wall Art Without Using Nails

Transforming your space with beautiful wall art can really help to make a house a home by adding a touch of personality and life to the room. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of hammering nails into their walls, especially if you’re renting or simply want to keep your pristine walls – well, pristine. 

In this blog, we'll explore the many loopholes you can use to get around damaging walls, providing you with all the tips and tricks to confidently decorate your home.

Hanging Artwork Without The Damage

Before you begin decorating your walls with your favourite wall art, there are a few essential tips. No matter your artwork mounting options, it’s important to consider what will hold your specific art piece best. For instance, ensuring that the weight limit of the adhesive product you’re using is considered will avoid creating damage to your walls due to overloading. 

Extra tip: for a more professional look, always use a level and measuring tape to ensure everything is hung straight and in the right spot. 

Command Strips

 The trusty command strips are one of the most popular choices for hanging pictures without needing to drill in holes for your wall art. They’re a strong, reliable option and can be used on various surfaces like painted walls, tiles and even glass. 

Command strips do unfortunately have its drawbacks, with some finding that those sticky strips aren’t so sticky after all. Generally speaking, command strips work best with smoother surfaces, whereas textured walls are less practical providing less grip for the strips. 

How to Use Command Strips

  1. Clean your surface: To help the adhesive to bond better use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface you’re planning to add your wall art on. 

  2. Prep the strips itselfSeparate the strips and press them together until they click.

  3. Attach the strips to a frameRemove one side of the backing and press firmly for about 30 seconds.

  4. Mount your wall art: Peel off the remaining backing and press the frame onto the wall - holding it for another 30 seconds.


 The Adhesive Hook Alternative

Alternatively, if you still like the idea of using hooks to hang your wall art or the command strips are not effective enough, you can use adhesive hooks. It’s another great alternative for those heavier pieces. They typically come in various sizes and strengths making sure that your wall art is securely mounted to the walls. 


How to Use Adhesive Hooks

  1. Make sure your surface is clean: As with the Command Strips, start by cleaning the wall with rubbing alcohol.

  2. Prep the hook: Remove the backing from the adhesive pad.

  3. Place in position: Stick the hook onto the wall, pressing firmly for about 30 seconds.

  4. Be patient: Allow the adhesive to cure for an hour before hanging anything on the hook for security. 


Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are popular amongst those looking for lightweight to medium-weight frames. It’s a great option that allows for easy repositioning, which is perfect for those who like to switch things up and change things around. It’s an effective, reusable, and adjustable option for hanging our wall art.


How to Use Velcro Strips


  1. (Again) Clean your surface: Like with the previous options, make sure your surface is clean and ready.

  2. Attach the strips to your wall art: Press the Velcro strips together, then attach one side to the back of your wall art.

  3. Pick your spot: Peel the backing from the other side of the strip and press the frame against the wall.

  4. Keep it secure: Remove the frame, press the strips on the wall again, and then reattach the frame after an hour.

Extra tip: For added security, use multiple Velcro strips along the edges and corners of your frame to distribute the weight evenly and prevent any accidents from happening. 

Magnetic Hangers

For a more unique and stylish alternative, magnetic hangers are a great choice, particularly for posters and prints. With magnetic hangers, you have a pair of wooden bars with magnets which clamp onto your artwork. These can then be hung from a single point in the wall. This adds a little more dimension to your artwork and changes the overall mood entirely. 

How to Use Magnetic Hangers


  1. Prep the artwork: Place the top edge of your poster/print between the magnetic bars.

  2. Mount the hanger: Use options mentioned above, like an adhesive hook or a command strip, to mount the hanger on the wall.

  3. Enjoy your art: Simply hang the magnetic hanger from the hook and enjoy a unique view of your art.

Extra tip: To protect your artwork from getting damaged, place a sheet of acid-free paper between the magnets and your print. 


Easel-Style Displays


Now, if you’re looking to completely avoid placing anything on your walls, then the easel-style displays are your best option. These stands can be placed on the floor or a table and are perfect for showing off your favourite  pieces of art. Though not typically seen in homes, it draws perfect attention to any art you want to show off.

How Does the Easel-Style Display Work?


  1. Pick your style: Choose an easel that fits the size and weight of your artwork whilst also suiting your aesthetic. 

  2. Set it up: Place the easel in your chosen spot. 

  3. Show off your art: Just place your artwork onto the easel and you’re done. 


The Right Option For You


Hanging your artwork can be difficult, especially when limited to how you’re able to mount the pieces. With options ranging from Command Strips to magnetic rail systems, you can find an option that suits your needs and style. By following these tips and tricks, you can still enjoy decorating your space without worrying about the damage. 

For a wide selection of wall art to adorn your space, visit The House Outfit. Happy decorating!