How To Style Gold Frames Throughout Your Home

Gold frames can make an excellent addition to any household, giving your house a premium aesthetic and regal vibe that will undoubtedly take your guest's breath away as soon as they walk through your front door.

Luxury frames provide the perfect finishing touch to your wall art - no matter what size. They are the perfect companion for all prints, whether they are abstract pieces or black and white photographs. When it comes to gold frames specifically, whether they’re A5 or A3 gold frames, we love them because they’re truly timeless! 

That being said, gold frames can also be a statement. So if you’re having trouble figuring out how to style them, have a little scroll through our top tips. 

Wall art with gold frame

Consider your current interior style

Gold frames are timeless, yes. But if you’re thinking about incorporating them into your interior, you need to consider your current style - because they don’t go with everything! 

For example, if you’ve got a ton of monochrome black & white/grey going on in your space, gold frames may not be the perfect fit. Or if you’re strictly opting for earthy tones and textures, they may be a little too shiny. 

That being said, gold frames do go with tons of styles. You can achieve an old Hollywood feel, maybe by putting some classic photographs in some sleek gold frames, or you could even give a bohemian home a touch of sunny warmth with a gold frame or two. 

The possibilities are endless but it’s worth giving your current style a bit of consideration before throwing a gold frame into the mix. 

Gold Frame on the floor

Think about the pairings

As well as considering your existing interior style, it’s good to look at individual pieces and how your new gold frames will pair with them. Understanding what kind of colour palette you’re after will help to create a basic plan for which furniture, lighting, and decor you decide to pair your frames with.

Gold pairs excellently with dark colours in particular but this is a very bold look that few can pull off with grace. If you’re courageous enough and you have darker-coloured walls and objects around the room then gold frames will be the perfect contrast for a balanced colour palette. If you’re someone who prefers lighter and brighter then you may want your gold frames to be the kiss of colour in your neutral world. 

Lighting is everything 

We all know lighting is everything when it comes to snapping a selfie but the same can be said about your interior. A dark and depressing corner can be brought to life with a lamp or two, and a room soaked in natural light can be made cosier with some dark-hued accessories. 

When it comes to styling your gold frames, you guessed it, lighting is also everything. You can recreate nature’s golden hour all day long by positioning a statement A3 gold frame next to a warm lamp - the light will bounce off the gold sheen, casting a glow throughout the space. What could be better than that?

Finally, Show Your Character

When designing and furnishing any space it’s important to let your personality and character shine through. There’s no point in creating a space that you don’t enjoy living in, so don’t be afraid to take risks! 

If you want to clash your new gold frames with bright and bold prints, go for it. If you decide to pair your gold frames with copper and silver frames too, we’re here for that metallic medley. When it comes to your interior, it’s all about the way it makes you feel - not about trends or rules. 

Gold frames might seem like a statement but hopefully, our top tips have made styling these beauties a little more accessible. If you’re feeling inspired, shop our full gold frames collection