Our Top Wall Art Choices For Subtle Aesthetics

Time to revamp the home decor... But not looking for just any kind of art to stick on the wall? 

The House Outfit is here with an array of art that is designed to bring you our new and existing collection of exclusive wall art.

Inject some life back into a dull room and create a sophisticated atmosphere to surround any space in your home. 

So if on the prowl for something that's a bit of you, maybe it’s time to embrace your home decor and liven up that living area with a touch of elegance.

When In Doubt, Go Nude

Why is Nude the talk of the town?  

Well… there’s a lot on offer.

It offers a simplistic and graceful element to any kind of space. Your living room lacking a little charm, then a nude piece can lift it back into the living. If it's sophistication you're looking for then you're in the right place, but now you're questioning what nude pieces will suit your home? 

Worry not, you've got experts on the job.

And we have a good selection to get you started. While we have the single elements to revive your decor. We have our exclusive collection of pieces, to mention one of our favorites is the Osaka collection!

This is a two-piece collection that combines gold and earthy components and is a subtle fusion of elegance in the right way. Creating a minimalistic look that stabilises and uplifts any room in your home. 

What about something with a little more ‘feminine mystique’ ? Our Helen range comes in two parts, and adds a certain charm to any room with a classic palette and feminine silhouettes. But if abstract design is more your style, our Rome prints combine that satisfying ‘blocky’ aesthetic with neutral golds, blacks and creams for an immediately contemporary but subtle feel.

Plus with our nude collection, you can add that same balance to another room in your home. Our pieces are designed to be complementary to each other, creating a seamless sense of cohesion throughout your home.

Why settle for one stunning nude art print when two is always better! 

A New Look

Now with our new collection of wall art at your fingertips what will you indulge in? 

A firm favourite amongst these exciting, but classic, prints, Pampas shadow is a twist on the flora, with bright but subtle palettes and a unique take on the universally loved concept of floral prints. 

Plus, you can always count on some neutral photography to add depth to any room, seen in our Bondi print. With its somewhat abstract composition and the sense of warmth that comes from our photography shots despite their cooling tones, we think these make perfect additions to any room that needs calming down.

Looking for something with a neutral tone to compliment the earth tones in your home? Maybe a touch of shadow to add some depth instead? The new collection has anything and everything you can hope for in sheek minded art.  

Classic and timeless pieces, why spend your money on art that falls in line with trends when timelessness is for a lifetime? Showcase your home in the ways that matter and bring elegance with minimal effort with our new in collections.

Everything’s Coming Up Neutral

Time to get into your decor and lift those dull-looking rooms into the land of the living again. 

Indulge in pieces that compliment your home, without compromising on colour schemes, with neutral and cooler wall art. Whether you’re after something a bit brassy, with a touch of gold, or just naturals all the way, our favourite subtle wall art pieces highlight exactly why you don’t always need loud prints to bring depth and excitement to your home.

But why settle for a single piece, when you know it makes sense to bring that cohesion to your home. 

Our prints are designed to work harmoniously together - whether you’re picking two from the same collection or mixing and matching. You can add some instant calming vibes to any room, without adding any extra ‘energy’ to those relaxing spaces.

So don't settle. Take a look at some of our favourite subtle wall art pieces and explore! The neutral world awaits.