The House Outfits Top Picks For Wall Art In 2022


In 2021, our homes continued to serve as both living and working areas. 

The home may be more of a haven than ever before, yet the more time we spend staring at the walls thinking about which wall art we should pick, the more visually restless we become and the keener we are to change our surroundings.

Sustainability in terms of the materials we use and the brands we shop from, a renewed interest in bringing the natural world indoors, a restructuring of our living spaces to accommodate flexible working schedules, and a nostalgic dip into our design past will all play a role in how we decorate our homes.

Let's have a look at The House Outfit’s top picks for 2022!

Wall Art To Make You Feel Relaxed

Do you want to know what colours might help us relax, be inspired, or feel more at home in our homes? 

One of the top picks from our amazing collections - if we do say so ourselves - is the Blue Sea. This particular wall art colour promotes relaxation and peace, making it excellent for a bedroom as well as a light and airy kitchen or bathroom foundation palette.

Blue has a relaxing effect on our mood because it reminds us of a blue sky or ocean in nature, which relaxes us. Blue tones also work well as a backdrop for goods in other areas of the house. Because of its boldness and warmth, blue will continue to be fashionable in our homes. Darker colours, rather than white, provide a better background for paintings and artwork.

Are You A Flower Lover?

With honest materials and tactile textures in an easy palette of calming neutrals, embrace leisurely living and bring the raw simplicity and sensory quiet of nature into your home. This conscious home trend is well-balanced, thoughtful, and stimulating to the senses.

Our spring shadow part 2 is the greatest wall art for your home, with eternal flowers working in harmony with fresh and imitation house plants to further blur the lines between outdoor and inside living.

Colours To Make An Impact

Colour has a significant impact on one's mood and well-being. This season, feeling well and making your home seem wonderful has never been easier or more enjoyable, thanks to brighter colours that have a naturally uplifting impact. 

The Night Night Feathers wall art is all about colour blocking and expressing your home's personality through active colour therapy, so use variations of the primary palette to bring interest, optimism, and vitality to every space.

Mixing super-bright with slightly more subdued tones will keep everything just on the right side of a grown-up, whether you're going for a maximalist approach or dramatic pops of colour.

Colour elicits emotional responses from humans. We'll start to see brighter, more vivid colours appear in 2022. 

In 2022, wall art will be the perfect finishing touch for any room, tying the space together and capturing the attention of all who enter. Wall art is the simplest method to create a warm and inviting room, as well as something light, bright, and elegant.

Keep checking back for regular inspiration and our insights! We’ll help you create the perfect atmosphere in 2022, whichever room you’re looking to revitalise.