What Colours To Focus On This Autumn

Summers Out, Falls In

Autumn has finally reached our doorsteps; the brisk mornings, crunchy leaves on the ground and the occasional smell of bonfires. It's the perfect time to swap out those summer colours and introduce that cosy palette ready for the new season. Think nude wall art, decorative pillows, throws, candles that smell like spiced pumpkins and anything that sparks that slightly warm inside. 

In this blog, you'll find a variety of earthy and moody tones that'll transform your home into a warm and inviting space this Autumn. You'll instantly feel ready for those colder evenings at home. 

Nudes & Creams 

Give those hallway walls what feels like a breath of fresh air with a nude colour palette. It'll lift your space out of the darkness, primarily if you work with a smaller area. When you walk in, the first thing you don't want to feel is overcrowded and cluttered when taking off your shoes and jacket or bringing in the shopping. If you aren't set on changing your walls' colour, consider adding a fresh set of nude wall art prints. 

Nude Wall Art Above Sofa


Bring the colour of the fallen leaves inside with Mustard, an energising colour that'll work to lift the mood of any room it's used. It goes beautifully with pink, orange, green and blue hues, making it a colour that you won't have to think too hard about the colours you want to pair it with. It's a subtle yet striking colour, great for decorative items such as cushions, throws and home accessories, but it's also a favourite for sofas or accent chairs. 

Sunset Orange 

Sunset orange is the perfect representation of Autumn. It's in the colour of the leaves, the sunsets at the end of a sunny day and pumpkins that begin to pop up outside homes, ready for Halloween. If you're thinking about giving your home a revamp in time for autumn, this is the best colour to start with. Lightly sprinkle sunset orange accessories around your home and watch as your home's character jumps to life with immediate effect. 

Orange Wall Art Hanging


We've seen brown take over the fashion world once again. It's also found its way back into our homes more popularly this year. However, that doesn't remove the fact that brown is a solid but soft and moody tone that fits effortlessly into homes everywhere. This adorned earthy colour will take your home from summer to autumn by amplifying that cosy factor around the space. Come home to a space that invites you to get comfortable and unwind with brown. 

Brick Red 

Brick red is rich in pigmentation and one you might not see commonly in homes. However, this stand-out colour works exceptionally well in your living or dining room. It adds heat to any room it's placed, but more specifically, if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful fireplace, think about using brick red on the colour of this wall paired with a nude wall art print. This warm yet energetic tone is courageous but not one to miss if you're thinking of making a significant change. 

Amazon Green 

When there's a list of colours, it's doubtful that a hue of green won't be in there! Amazon green has become hugely popular, and it's bright without being too bold and not to mention it's easily paired with neutral colours, pinks, grey and yellows. We recommend using this colour on your walls as a feature wall colour or perhaps the hue for an accent chair, sofa or cushions. It's too good not to include in an Autumn makeover, best suited for your living room or bedroom. 

Green Wall Art Hanging In Living Room

In Conclusion

A seasonal makeover at home is always an exciting journey to take. As we enter a new phase in the year, our homes should represent that. Considering the colours suggested, be sure to add your spin to the palette you choose to go with. You could even work each colour into different rooms in the house (if you're going for the complete makeover!).