What's your style? How To Decorate Your Home Based On Your Personal Interests

What does your home say about you? Your home is essentially a canvas to adorn with colours, patterns, textures and decor that resonate with your unique personality. You could be a bookworm with love for fantasy and thriller or a nature enthusiast who keeps things light, airy and sustainable. Either way, your home will most likely portray examples of it. Your personal interests can and will be a guide you use when decorating your home, transforming the property into a reflection of who you are. Let’s take a look at how you can use your personal interests to infuse your home with character and charm based on your passions.

Identifying Your Passions & Style

Understanding what it is that brings you the most joy will allow you to create a home you are equally as obsessed with. Start to take notice of what truly makes you feel fulfilled, happy and content. This could be exploring the great outdoors, getting crafty with some paint and canvas or watching every action movie featuring your favourite actors - your passions will help bring your home to life. As well as discovering these passions, you should start to analyse what interior style best represents you and your dream home. There are many styles that work hand in hand with our passions, including contemporary, minimalistic, modern or vintage. Spend some time conducting research and finding a style that you would be proud to have throughout your home.

Nature Enthusiasts

Let’s bring the outdoors in for those of you who love your long nature walks and travels. For this approach, earthy tones, including shades of green, deep red, burnt oranges and rustic browns, will be your best friend! There are many ways in which you can incorporate the outdoors into your lovely home to make it quirky and welcoming. You may opt for a selection of botanical prints creating standalone statements, or an effective gallery wall display. Alternatively, you could adorn your home with a number of house plants, not only for their aesthetic appeal but their health benefits too. When adding the finishing touches with decorative pieces and textiles, ensure you consider the earthy tones mentioned previously to form a cohesive and considered look.

Art Connoisseur

Do you spend your days wandering the halls of galleries and collecting showstopping art pieces? Decorating your home as an art enthusiast will essentially result in you curating and displaying your own collection of personal pieces. Dress your walls in an array of eclectic paintings, fine-line sketches and sculptures, giving your house a charming yet chic aesthetic. You may mix and match your collection of canvas wall art, photography, and landscape pieces to form an eye-catching gallery wall or pick the perfect 50x70 frame for a statement look above a fireplace or bedspread. The perfect thing about the style is you can incorporate it anywhere throughout the house. Your collection can be thoughtfully allocated around spcaes, from the living room and dining room to the hallways and kitchen. The placement of your cherished artwork is up to you. For the rest of the decor, it would be recommended to keep this simplistic. Neutral or white walls with simple textiles will be the perfect option; after all, we want your art to speak for itself!

Travel Fanatic

Do you have a passion for travel? Do you enjoy hopping on a plane and exploring new countries and ways of life? Then, it's time to incorporate that into your home, too. This is a wonderful way to continuously remind yourself of your favourite places and most cherished memories. There are many decorative and unique ways you can bring the travels into your home. Add shelving to empty spaces and alcoves throughout your home, and use these as a way to display souvenirs and keepsakes from your travels - the ones that are going dusty in the attic or under your bed! You may opt to add photographs and artwork of the places you have visited to your walls with complimentary frames in a variety of styles. Or you can find a scratch map, displaying this as a statement in the home, scratching off the areas of the map you have travelled, truly showcasing your love for exploring new places. Finally, incorporate a colour palette that is reminiscent of your favourite destinations, and consider patterns and textures inspired by various cultures.

A Book Lovers Dream

Are you an avid reader with a collection of novels and little room to store them? Well, now is the time to transform your home into a cosy reading nook. Elevate the areas in the home that have some extra space with unique and contemporary shelving and bookcases, adorning them proudly with your extensive collections. This could be displayed alphabetically, by genre, or even following the ever-so-popular rainbow bookshelf trend we see all over Pinterest. As well as your new shelving solutions, you can invest in a new comfortable seating area with armchairs, lamps, side tables and warm, ambient lighting to make for the ideal reading location. Make your reading experience feel like a dream, creating your own reading haven to escape to with a cup of tea and a bestselling book. The best thing about this design idea is that it can be incorporated anywhere throughout the house and in any style, be that a minimalistic living room, contemporary bedroom or vintage-inspired office space.

Music Madness

For those who find joy in listening to various genres of music, collecting vinyl and attending concerts, this one is for you. Create a space that showcases your love for music and your favourite artists - showcase your extensive vinyl collection across the walls using picture frame shelving or invest in a vintage cabinet to store them while setting up your record player on top. You may also wish to display posters and music-related prints around the room for a fascinating and statement visual element. This space will be entirely your own, so you can be as creative and unique as you like. Mix and match styles, colours, and music genres and truly showcase your passion, creating a home you love. You can opt to add these elements around different rooms in the house or create a specific room for your future music sessions. For those who are able to play an instrument, you can beautifully display these around the space, too!

Your home should tell a story. Not only should you feel content and joyful in your own space, but guests should know exactly who you are and what you love when looking around the room. Never be afraid to stand out and make your house your own. Mix styles, get creative and design spaces that truly resonate and best represent you. Happy decorating!