Botanical Wall Art

Do you enjoy nature but have trouble keeping your plants alive? We've got a solution for you. Decorating your naked walls with our range of wall art and framed botanical prints. Whether you choose flowers or a sophisticated palm print you can create a unique green theme with our wide range of botanical wall art.

By introducing floral prints into your house, you can give your interior a piece of nature. Turn heads with wall art from The House Outfit and discover our refreshing collection of botanical wall art to suit whatever your space or desired theme.


The botanical category has an extensive range of botanical framed prints and wall art. Whether you choose to decorate your walls with green olive branches, black and white monstera, or flowers to create a beautiful, vibrant home. You’ll find the perfect print to perfectly fit in any interior or create something different from a jungle theme to a beautiful garden in your home.

Some of the most popular framed botanical prints in this category include monstera plant leaves, palm fronds, and roses. Our wall art is printed using thick, uncoated paper to give them a matte, one-of-a-kind look. Make browsing our wide range of botanical framed wall art easier by colour combinations, finding the perfect botanical wall art in the right colour couldn’t be easier!

Create a lovely gallery wall with prints of roses, magnolias, and other flowers. Or achieve a more Scandinavian style approach with plant images in black and white? Consider a trendy black and white monstera print or vibrant palm fronds for a tropical vibe. There is something at The House Outfit for everyone!

Bring Life To Your Walls With Framed Botanical Prints?

Botanical prints are a gorgeous way to add a natural vibe and bring life to your home. This collection combines original paintings, professional prints, and more with something for everyone!

It might be tricky with so many options to choose from, but our experienced team are here to help. Whether you are after a print for the living room or something different for the bedroom, our framed botanical wall art can be mixed and matched. These versatile pieces can be used in any room or place; the choice is yours. You may even complete the appearance with one of our stylish frames. Choose from silver, black or copper for the perfect finish.

You'll discover a wide variety of styles in our botanical artwork collection! If botanical designs aren't your style, we also have prints in various colour palettes, from greens, blues, pinks and more! Choose one larger piece in the centre of the wall or three smaller prints to go up the stairs to give character and personalisation to your bedroom. Let your imagination run wild with our botanical art, especially as they come in various sizes, perfect for all types of homes and settings. Our botanical wall art is ideal for updating your old office or kitchen, incorporating that modern feel, or adding that finishing touch. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.