Neutral Wall Art

Looking for new wall art to decorate your living room, bedroom or entrance hall? At The House Outfit, we have a timeless neutral wall art collection that will complete any home. Our prints are the perfect finishing touch for any room, transforming your space into a calm, welcoming zone.


We have a range of designs you can browse that will suit any home's style. Create your very own haven with our prints inspired by fashion, food, bohemian designs and abstract art.


Adding neutral shades to a home can provide a quiet, calm feeling that flows from room to room. This creates the perfect environment to come home to after a long day in the office or a busy day running errands. If placed in the living room, neutral wall art prints will help you unwind and relax, while if placed in your office space, these can create the perfect environment to increase productivity.

The rise of neutral home decor, such as natural-coloured woods and linen fabrics, has provided the perfect setting for art lovers to add neutral wall art into their homes.

Not sure if neutral wall art prints are the best choice for your home? Don’t hesitate to contact our team for advice.


Use our abstract neutral wall art to complete your home. With our selection of bohemian-inspired prints, fine art collections, and fashion designs, you can add our pieces to any room in your home, creating a serene and fashionable space you can be proud of.

Make a statement on an empty wall with our A3 prints paired beautifully with a light wood or sleek black frame. Our neutral colour palette of deep browns, warm beiges and accent blacks will complement one another perfectly when paired together, as well as bringing your walls to life!

If you want to make a jaw-dropping statement that gets your guests talking or simply add some sophisticated pieces to make your walls the most interesting aspect of your room, our abstract neutral wall art is the best choice.