15 cosy ideas to decorate your house this winter

As the chillier and darker months of winter approach, we naturally look for ways in which we can make our everyday environments more welcoming, warm and, of course, cosy! Incorporating new textiles, decors and themed colour palettes into your home during this time can contribute to your mood and the ambience in your home. Here are 15 cosy ideas to elevate your home, adding more comfort to your day-to-day this winter.

1. Warm Colour Palettes

Opt for a new colour palette in your home of colours that best represent autumn and winter, be that with framed prints, statement painted walls or decorative items. These will be deep reds, muted oranges, browns and neutral tones. The hues of these colours will help create an inviting, warming and overall homely ambience in your room that you’ll love to spend time in.

2. Update Your Wall Art

The change in seasons is a wonderful reason to explore new art to bring your walls to life. This could be festive-themed prints creating a winter wonderland gallery wall or subtle, abstract canvas wall arts that ties in a seasonal colour palette. This may seem simple, but it is an effective way to see an instant transformation.

3. Throws & Blanket

Is there anything quite as comforting as getting home after a long day and warming up under your favourite blanket? Now you have the perfect excuse to get a new one that you can drape over your sofa, armchair or incorporate into a bedspread. This could be Christmas-themed to add a festive feel to the room or adapt the same seasonal colour palette as your new art prints for a cohesive look.

4. Pillows & Scatter Cushions

Similar to throws and blankets, swapping out your everyday pillows and cushions for a combination of richer colours and festive designs will compliment your new winter-themed home, adding a touch of seasonal cheer to your bedspreads and seating areas.

5. Scented Potpourri

A fun way to fill your home with delicious, seasonal scents is placing aesthetic, decorative bowls and dishes filled with winter-scented potpourri around your rooms. It not only gives off a calming, welcoming fragrance throughout the season, but it can be a wonderful decorative element, too.

6. Fireplace Decor

If you are lucky enough to have a wood-burning fireplace or even an electric fireplace this time of year, use this as a feature piece to decorate around. Nothing says winter wonderland quite like a fireplace surrounded by candles, fairy lights and seasonal decor. Try hanging a garland with pinecones and red berries across the front and keep a stack of wood neatly presented in an aesthetic basket on the side. This will create a warming, relaxing statement in your room that helps with your winter ambience and mood.

7. Thick Curtains

If you currently have blinds, nets or thin, lightweight curtains, try swapping these out or layering them with heavier, thermal ones for the colder months. Having these curtains will not only make the room warmer with their layer of insulation but also provide a simple yet effective decorative look to the room, making it feel more cosy and welcoming.

8. A Reading Nook

Everyone wants a reading nook in their home, right? Wintertime is the best reason to create a snug in your home with a comfortable armchair, a throw blanket and an ambient reading light. If you happen to have a large collection of books, you could also add a new bookcase to the corner, aesthetically presenting your most-loved ones in your collection. This will be your designated space for relaxation and alone time, and who wouldn’t want that after a long day out in the cold?

9. Textured Rugs

Strategically placing textured rugs, which can come in multiple shapes, sizes and colours, in the areas you most spend your time and want to elevate will add a luxurious touch to the room as well as make the space feel warmer in the chillier times of the day.

10. A Fun Beverage Station

Everyone loves a warm hot chocolate or cup of tea in the evening during the winter. A wonderful way to make the kitchen feel extra special during this season is creating a hot beverage station that displays your favourite festive mugs with a variety of drink options in aesthetic jars. You may even want to add a jar of chocolates and marshmallows for people to pick at as and when they want to. This allows you and your guests during the Christmas period to enjoy and indulge in warm drinks while having fun making them. Some people also like to add seasonal ornaments and prints to their beverage stations too.

Incorporating just a few (or all, if you wish) of these ways to cosy up your home this winter will help transform your rooms into a relaxing, fun and thriving winter wonderland. Whether you love alone time, reading and curling up in a blanket, or hosting games and movie nights with friends and family, fill your home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere with these ideas. Happy decorating!