4 Ways To Decorate Small Spaces

Decorating any space takes skill, creativity and a good eye for detail. Making a room look modern, chic and minimal doesn’t have to take years of training or even cost the earth. Using small touches such as A5 frames to create gallery walls, adding modern ornaments or soft furnishings can make all the difference to the sense of space in any room. In many cases, decorating a small space is harder than large spaces as it is easy to overfill the room with decor, which can create a chaotic atmosphere. Choosing the right items has the ability to elevate any space, no matter how big or small.

1. Create a gallery wall using small frames

One way to decorate a small space, particularly small walls, is to create a gallery wall using A5 frames. A mistake often made by those decorating a space like this is only hanging one or two frames with one piece of artwork in focus. 

One way to uplift this design would be to choose artwork that compliments one another, both portrait and landscape, and hang them as part of the same collection on the wall in a position that centralises them. 

Doing this creates some excitement within the space as the eye is drawn to each individual piece, without being overpowering.

This gallery wall does not just have to consist of just small frames either. If you have the space on the wall, including one or two larger A4 or even A3 frames could add some serious dimension to your decor. This makes room for you to be creative with the artwork included, too. Choose a statement piece for the larger frame with complimentary ones surrounding it, or include a simple design in the large frame with more complex ones around it.

Wall art

2. Colour is key

It’s no secret that the colour used in a room can make it feel more spacious or more enclosed, depending on the kind of mood you want to create. 

When adding colour to a room, the first thing to consider is the amount of natural light that it has. No matter how big or small, if a room is flooded with bright natural light, this allows for the use of much darker colours than a room with little to no light. 

Another way to make a room feel bigger with the use of colour is not the colour itself, but the way it is painted on the wall. Leaving a gap between the top of the paint and the ceiling with a white space will make the ceiling appear higher, as to the naked eye, it is not clear exactly where the ceiling starts and the wall ends. 

You could even get super creative by using colour blocks, creating a painted frame behind your wall art and adding another element to your decor.

Wall art and a dog sitting on the sofa

3. Use mirrors to create space

As light is the key to making a space feel bright and airy, it makes sense to incorporate mirrors into any small area to reflect light, making the room feel as big as possible. 

For example, an ensuite bathroom is often one of the smallest spaces in any home, and often these are dressed with large mirrors above the sink, with lights drawing down on the person below. 

It is best to install the largest mirror possible for a luxurious and expensive finish, along with some modern furnishings. Hanging some A5 prints opposite to the mirror will bring attention to the artwork while looking in the mirror, too, so that your decor can be enjoyed on both sides of the wall!

Another example of a small space that often uses mirrors is a dressing room. Most commonly adjacent to the bedroom, these spaces are compact and host a lot of storage for all of your clothes, shoes and bags. Mirrors are not only used for creating space in these rooms, but also so you can check your outfit and look fab every time you leave the house.

4. Don’t be afraid of using ornaments

Anyone looking to decorate a small space could be worried about adding too much detail or making it appear cluttered. This is why choosing the right items that match the scale of the room is crucial, as it can guide the eye gently around the room rather than stealing the show. 

For a space that features calming neutrals, consider adding a pop of colour with your ornaments, whether it be a charcoal vase with some pampas protruding out of the top, or a traditional clock hung at the top centre of one of the walls. 

It’s okay to include ornaments that do not follow the same colour scheme, as long as they compliment it. 

This is a great way to introduce texture in the home too. While A5 wall art is an easy way of bringing a sense of texture to the room, ornaments provide a dimension that can only be achieved by a real life object. Choose it carefully. 

Wall art in living room

Are you ready to take on the challenge of decorating small spaces in your home? Whether it’s observing the light in your home, considering which colours would be best suited to the room, or thinking about which A5 wall art to include in your new gallery wall, hopefully you will feel more equipped to tackle any space in your home. Don’t be afraid to get creative and be daring, your small space will thank you for it!