5 Decor Must-Haves For Your Living Room

Whether you’re starting from scratch or refreshing your living room, some things just can’t be compromised when it comes to your home decor. 

Every living room should make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and this kind of vibe can be created by everything you choose to include in your decor, from rugs to cushions, A5 frames, family photos… and more..

Decorative Artwork

The artwork you include in your living room should be complimentary to your existing decor, but if you are starting from scratch, you could start by finding a piece you love and base the rest of your room around it. For example, if you find a beautiful wall print that would fit perfectly into the space that features dark greens and gold, you might want to buy dark oak furniture or a rug to match. 

Just because you have a large space to fill does not mean that you need to buy one large print. You could feature a gallery wall consisting of a mix of A5 prints, A4 and even A3 frames.

Wall art standing on a cupboard

Cushioned Furniture

Perhaps the most important element of any living room is cushioned furniture that you can sink into or feel beneath your feet to ground you and warm you up on cold winter days. 

If you have a hard floor in your living room, soften it with a large rug that runs just from just behind your sofa into the centre of the room, so you feel comforted every time you get up and down from your seat. 

Your chairs should always have a soft seat and be made of a quality material that will stand the test of time. Your side tables should be placed conveniently next to your seating area so that guests have somewhere to put any drinks or snacks. 

To accentuate textures and fabrics in your home, add decorative cushions to your sofa or maybe a footstool so you can put your feet up and get cosy with a hot drink in front of the TV. 

wall art above white sofa

Choose A Cosy Colour Scheme

The colour scheme you choose will define how you want your guests to feel when they come and sit down in your living room. It can also show your personality and make a bold statement in your home with contrasting colours or unusual patterns. The most important element of any colour scheme is that the colours work in harmony together, and for a living room, soft and elegant colours will help you feel at ease whenever you walk in. 

Soft neutrals in A5 frames are popular for living rooms as they are timeless and look great in low ambient lighting. To add a splash of colour or texture, you can always dress your walls with a few dainty A5 frame prints as a low-maintenance option.

Personal Touches

The key to making any house feel like a home is the personal touches that are unique to your life, and nothing says home like a photo of your family and friends together on display. 

If you don’t yet have a collection of photos to frame, you can still add personal touches in the form of letter ornaments, memorabilia or even your favourite books and records. 

These are the elements that make your home yours. Whether it be your favourite quote printed on the wall or a certificate displayed proudly on your window sill.

beige wall print

Ambient Lighting

The final thing that every living room needs is some ambient lighting to create a warm and cosy atmosphere on cold evenings. Although a big bright light is important, a living room could survive with only lamps if necessary, just enough lighting to see clearly while winding down with a good book. 

If you want to double up on the sensory experience, opt for a scented candle or two. While these can only be lit when you are in the room, they are the perfect way to add gentle light into your dark room and can be placed on pretty much any surface in your home. 

Of course, your living room is your space so you should adorn it with touches that are you and make it feel like home. One top tip before you start decorating: consider how you want to feel when you enter your living room - calm, comforted, cosy. Whatever the feeling you want to cultivate, start there and choose your decor accordingly.