Art Nouveau Style: Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Whether you're a minimalist or love to decorate with everything but the kitchen sink, interior design is very personal and has a questionable aesthetic. But one interior style design that is worth the attention is Art Nouveau. Here's how you can incorporate the art nouveau style into your home.

What is Art Nouveau?

The Art Nouveau style became popular in the US and Europe from 1890 to 1910, combining floral patterns, curved, linear designs, and abstract silhouettes. This art form was found in various furniture, architecture, fine art, and glassware.

A prime Art Nouveau designer would include William Morris, who is recognised for his unique designs depicting an emotional and mythical atmosphere. He incorporated a lot of country-garden nature and mediaeval ideas with hints of forest, gardens, flowers and birds. Nowadays, you'll find William Morris' designs have influenced several interior designs, especially when it comes to elements such as wall prints, pieces of furniture and even homeware items such as plates and glasses.

However, due to the intricacies involved in Art Nouveau, it can sometimes be quite hard to incorporate without the help of an interior designer unless you have an eye for detail and a passion for keeping things symmetrical. Whether decorating to capture the essence of cosy comfort or for eccentric energy, this is the perfect opportunity to let your personality flow and speak throughout your home.

Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco: What's the difference?

Art Nouveau and Art Deco are two major art movements of the 20th century, and visually pleasing designs influenced both in fine art. However, the main difference is that while Art Nouveau appreciates free-flowing lengthy patterns, Art Deco instead consists of sharp angles and geometrical shapes.

What are Art Nouveau Interior Design Characteristics?

Typically, this art form takes inspiration from plants, nature and animals, combined using flowing lines, repeated patterns and asymmetry for a more organic and life-like feel. And, if you're unsure of what Art Nouveau looks like when searching for new home inspiration, here are a few design elements to watch.

Organic Motifs

Check out for repetition in various shapes like flowers, buds, vines, leaves and other animals. Usually, you'll be able to find them most in things like tiles, wallpaper, paintings and wall art.

Mix Materials

As the Art Nouveau movement was developed during the Industrial Revolution, you can mix and match a variety of materials like iron, glass, concrete, wood, and ceramic to create free-flowing and nature-inspired designs.

Colour Palettes

Nature isn't subjected to one colour palette, so you can take inspiration from any colour you choose. Colours like green and brown are a great starting point as you can combine them with several rich colours such as yellows, orange, dark red and almost any pastel colour.

To this day, Art Nouveau remains a time and captivating style that allows interior designers to infuse their space with the essence of nature and intricate designs. Whether you prefer natural methods working with different colours and materials, the options for capturing the Art Nouveau style into your home decor are endless. You can easily incorporate this style into your home with The House Outfit's curated wall art and print collections. Investing in some Botanical wall art pieces is a great way to incorporate the plants, nature and animal inspiration that lie so heavily in the Art Nouveau style.