Styling your sofa or bed with the right cushions.


Cushions are a key product when thinking of home accessories. Rewind centuries ago, and you'll find that they were once reserved for the royal and wealthy.


Fast forward a few 100 years, and they are everywhere! A home isn't complete without the comforts of a few soft home accessories (well, we think so anyway). They're the perfect companions for living rooms and bedrooms, making them the most inviting spaces in the house. 


If there's a bed or sofa with an abundance of pillows or throws, don't you just want to jump straight in?! We certainly do! So here are a few style tips that'll work perfectly in your home.


 Why Are Cushions An Essential Part Of Accessorising Your Home? 


 Cushions are an easy and straightforward way to make your home feel complete. If you're looking to give your current space a new lease of life, swapping out cushion covers for different colours or patterns allows you to do so without the hassle of decorating your whole house. Changing your home accessories around is the fastest and most effective way to get that 'new home' feeling. 


We all use our homes to express ourselves and allow our personalities to shine through decoration. When it comes to adding accessories to your cosy areas, i.e. your living room sofa, reading nooks and bedroom, you've first got to think - Do I want this space to be; peaceful, vibrant, family-friendly, contemporary, or luxurious? 


Once you understand what you want from the space, you can begin to consider bringing that vibe to life. 


 Matching Cushions With Your Sofa


What's a gorgeous sofa without a luxury and stylish cushion arrangement? Cushions are functional essentials and your sofa's seasonal outfit changes. You can dress your sofa up or down as and when you like with various cushions. So, let's look at a few cushion arrangements for your sofa…


 Style 1: Eclectic Arrangement 


An eclectic cushion arrangement for a sofa within a vibrant household. Introduce a multi-layering styling with your sofa, combine a range of different prints, colours and a subtle touch of texturised cushions 

 Remember that to get that designer-approved look, stick to the large, medium, and small scale print system, which will create a well-balanced cushion arrangement on your sofa. 


 Style 2: For The Minimalist Lovers 

Is your home a minimalist haven? Then this cushion arrangement is for you. Pairing two matching cushions together will create a simple, chic, calming aesthetic. Matching the colour of these cushions either with the exact or similar colour of your sofa or using them as the pop of neutral colour, for example, black, cream, beige or white.  


You can also add to this sophisticated look by using similar or contrasting fabrics to your sofa. This will draw attention to the space. Place these cushions centre of each sofa seat, and its as straightforward as that. 


Style 3: The Trio Arrangement 


This timeless and popular look finds itself in the homes of many! You'll want six cushions, two large, two medium and two small, to match the cushions together, for example, two large blue cushions, two medium orange cushions and so on. This is a great way to add colour to your space and depth with different textures!


Place the large cushions on the opposite sides of the sofa, then layer the medium and smaller cushions in front of them. You could even place the medium cushion as the back cushion on one side of the sofa to mix it up slightly.


This is one of a few ways you can arrange your trio of comfort, play around with the cushions but ultimately organise them in a group of three on opposite sides. This look will give the room a more "lived-in" look but still give you that classic feel.


 Matching Cushions With Your Bed 


Increase the aesthetic of your bedroom with decorative cushions that will add character, style and texture to the overall look. Creating that cosy and inviting vibe in your bedroom can improve your mood when beginning and ending the day. The motto here is - Love the space you're in!


 Style 1: Add a Touch Of Colour 


If you like to keep your bedroom space clear, uncluttered and simple but still want to incorporate vibrant colours, then decorating your bed with pops of colourful cushions can give you the best of both worlds. If you currently have plain neutral bed sheets, think about adding in two or three pillows in colour; blue, pink, gold, whatever matches best with the rest of your room. Then match these medium-sized pillows with two more oversized accent pillows with white covers stacked behind to keep that airy and effortlessly look.


Style 2: Mix It Up 


Who said you HAVE to match? Take it from us; you can mix it up with different textures, shapes, and colours. It really is a great way to get creative with your space. Creating an exciting cushion arrangement will breathe life into your bedroom. 


Why not try two medium square cushions, one small rectangle and one round cushion. Match the colours of one square and the round cushion whilst having a stripey texturised rectangle cushion and the remaining square pillow white. Bring these all together in colours of your choice, keeping in mind your current interior style and watch the magic happen.


Style 3: Luxe Looks 


So you want something that's a little more - luxurious. Like the minimalist look, you won't want to go overboard with a selection of cushions. You will, however, want to incorporate textures such as; satin, velvet and ribbed fabric. These choices will add depth to the space whilst also elevating your chosen colours, and giving them a luxurious feel. 


Cushions Are A Girl’s Best Friend 


Cushions really are the most cost-effective way to give your house a decorative refresh. If you prefer to take things to the next level then you can also check out our range of wall prints which really will be the cherry on top of your home's interior styling. From our canvas wall art to blue wall prints, we’re all about creating a space full of calm or loud ambient moods to fit your aesthetic. Whether your style is minimal, eclectic, chic or modern, remember that your personal touch on these styles will ultimately make it what's yours.