How To Add That New Year Sparkle To Your Home

January is the time for New Year's resolutions and making improvements to your life! After Christmas, your home may be feeling a little dull as you put all your Christmas decorations away but this just makes it the perfect time to add some sparkle to your interior. Now, we don’t necessarily mean actual glittery decorations as this may not be to your taste; we just mean adding some metaphorical sparkle. This could be in the form of new artwork, new furnishings or a complete repaint - whatever you feel rejuvenates and adds life back into your home. 

At The House Outfit, we believe your space should represent your personality, so before you dive straight into the shopping, take some time to note down what you’d like to show in your home decorations. One aspect that we believe adds new life to a room is changing your frames. Frames tie together all your decor whilst protecting your art. When switching things up, you may choose to experiment with different sizes of frames such as A3 silver frames or A5 wooden frames. January is the time to be playful and try some new things, after all. 

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve got some more tips to help you add that New Year sparkle to your home. 

Cosy Up

There’s nothing like new soft furnishings to add some life to a room. During the Christmas rest period between Boxing Day and New Year, we suggest taking advantage of the retail sales and purchasing some lovely furnishings to add to your living space. This can include throw pillows, blankets, and rugs. These are all perfect for staying warm in the winter months, and it’s a little bit of luxury for January. 

On top of soft furnishings, you can also add ambient lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. We suggest buying some candles and fairy lights to add to your living space to make it all the more cosy. January is normally a month for spending time at home and going out less, as everyone indulges more over Christmas. By adding these little touches to your home, you can make it more inviting to spend time in and make the slower month more enjoyable for you. 

Have A Winter Clean

One of the best ways to add that New Year sparkle to your home is to clear out any clutter and properly give your house a clean. Spring is customarily the time to have a clear out, but if you do it in January, you’re setting yourself up for the year. We suggest clearing out your storage spaces and deep cleaning them; this will make your space feel more inviting and your mind more clear. 

Rejuvenate Your Artwork 

If you’re not looking to redo your space completely, you can add some new life to your artwork and prints by changing your frames. This can subtly change the look of your home whilst protecting your art. Sometimes it can be nice to switch up the materials and sizes of your frames. Using an A3 silver frame alongside an A2 black frame can create a nice contrast within your gallery walls. 

At The House Outfit, we believe that everyone should have a space they’re proud of and can completely relax in. After Christmas, it’s easy to feel deflated and unmotivated as January is a dark and cold month that seems to go on forever… and ever. However, adding a bit of New Year sparkle to your home can help combat this. By simply cleaning your space and adding a few new touches, such as new cushions and new frames, your home can feel rejuvenated and relaxing going into January. Happy decorating!