How to decorate small spaces

If you want an aesthetic but practical way to decorate your small spaces, you’re in the right place. The key to achieving this is to maximise your functionality while not sacrificing your interior styling. Are you living in a cosy studio apartment and need some help finding the perfect neutral wall art? Maybe you have a stylish house but need advice on decorating the box room with complimentary furniture. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to make your home a welcoming and visually appealing place to be. Let’s look at the various strategies and tips you can start with to bring your small spaces to life.

Considerations For Small Spaces


Before we go deeper into the specific pieces of decor that can be used in these areas, we need to think about mindset. You have to tackle these small places with a minimalist mindset. Decluttering will be the first step with significant results. Take a long look around the room, opening cupboards and drawers too. Make a pile of things you no longer need or that are just taking up extra space. Donate or sell these items before purchasing smart storage solutions and decor. The secret to small rooms and areas is to keep them organised and junk-free!

dripping paint colour pallette

Colour Palettes

The colours you choose to have in this space will determine how open or compact it feels. Specific colours will give the perception of it being more significant. Light colours, including pastel hues, soft whites, and pale greys, make homes feel more open and airy. This is because these brighter shades reflect more light, creating an illusion. Before adding decorative items and pieces of furniture to your place, this will be the perfect time to paint the walls and ceilings in your preferred colour to give it an instant lift.

Natural Light

Open the windows and let the natural light flood the room. This does wonders for small spaces! If you want to quickly make your home feel more open and airy, remove those heavy curtains and replace them with lightweight nets. Dark, heavy and thick curtains will block out the sun and make the room feel dingy. Netted curtains are bright and airy but maintain your privacy.

The Scale

Experimenting with a variety of furniture sizes and shapes can add more visual interest to your property, which will distract from the size. While keeping furniture proportionate is just as important, don’t be against mixing a few styles or statement pieces. An oversized mirror or piece of artwork can work wonders in small spaces when in the right place.

Create Zones

Even in rooms on a minimal scale, it’s possible to create various zones. Using decor and furniture like rugs and chests of drawers, you can section places for dining, relaxing and working.

small room design

Decor To Compliment Small Spaces

Multi-Function Furniture

If you are working with a small property or room, the furniture you invest in should serve more than one purpose. Consider purchasing items including sofa beds, coffee tables with hidden storage and wall-mounted desks to make the most of the limited area. This ensures you have everything you need to live your daily life without overwhelming and overcrowding your home.


Incorporating decor and wall art into your home that has a predominantly neutral colour palette will open up the space, making it cohesive and inviting. Whether it’s a neutral abstract gallery wall, an array of neutral decorative items or your statement furniture, the hues will help bring your small space to life while coordinating seamlessly.

Vertical Storage

Your floor plan may be limiting, but think vertically! You may not have much floor space, but you will have a lot of wall space to make the most of. Investing in wall-mounted bookcases, shelves, and cabinets will allow you to store more items in the room without cluttering your walkways. It also works brilliantly to draw the eye upwards, promoting a sense of height and spaciousness.

Create Illusions

Mirrors will become your new best friend if you happen to be living in a more compact apartment. Due to their ability to reflect light, they instantly create the illusion of more space, opening up the room. For the most impact, consider placing a larger mirror on one wall for a practical statement piece, or opt for mirrored furniture that can bounce the light. This simple tactic will significantly affect how big your small space appears and feels.

In conclusion, decorating your small spaces requires a lot of thought and consideration; however, with suitable strategic designs, you can transform them into one of your favourite aesthetic rooms. The right colour palettes, decor and furnishings, as well as having a minimalist mindset and practical solutions, will help you design a place you love to call home.