How To Make Your House Welcoming With Wall Art For Homes

Your home is where you relax, unwind and spend time with your loved ones. It’s a space for you to escape all the stresses of life and recuperate. However, on top of this, your home can also be your working space. Due to the change in working patterns, increasing amounts of people are spending part of their working week in their homes. This accentuates the need to decorate your home with love, care, and of course, beautiful wall art!

It can seem hard knowing where to start when choosing wall art for homes, as there’s such a wide selection of styles, colours and sizes of art to choose from. At The House Outfit, we offer a range of art to dress your walls, and we also have handy tips on decorating your home. So, let’s get into it.


First Impressions Count

Often, when decorating, the entryway is overlooked as a place to put wall art. This is a missed opportunity, as everyone knows that first impressions count. When you enter your home, being greeted by well-selected art is the perfect welcome and will also ensure you’re adding personality to every inch of your home.

There are several ways to do this, which will depend on your personal taste and the dimensions of the space. If your hallway is on the smaller side, it’s a great idea to decorate with lighter colours, as this will create the illusion of your hallway being bigger. You could also curate a gallery wall for your entryway using an eclectic mix of bold wall art to create an energising vibe.

Wall art hanging above dresser

Scale Matters

Scale and size matter when dressing your walls. An example of a scenario where an art piece wouldn’t be to scale is hanging a large painting over a small chair or a single small art piece over a big sofa. By no means does your art have to be the exact same size as your furniture; you could have two pieces of smaller wall art hanging over a big sofa or table, but trying to match the scale is always good. This being said, there are no rules in art, so if you spot a tiny piece that you want to hang over a big armchair, go for it!

Wall art hanging on a wall

Enjoy Eye Level Art

It’s easy to get caught up in hanging your art above your furniture and high on the walls. However, the point of art is to look at it! This is your reminder to put some wall art at eye level so you can enjoy the beautiful pieces you’ve selected to dress your naked walls. The height at which eye level is for your will vary from person to person, and as much as we say it’s important to create a relaxing atmosphere for your guests, your home is yours and yours alone.

2 pieces of wall art

Decorating your house with wall art for homes should be fun, not stressful. We understand it can be daunting having a completely blank canvas to create a homely atmosphere. However, we suggest taking it in parts and not trying to fill your walls with prints and canvasses immediately. Take your time, choose your art carefully, and make sure you find sturdy frames to protect it!

If you need help picking out art from The House Outfit, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for advice.