How To Pair A Pretty Print With The Perfect Frame

The frame you choose can make or break the look of your new print. Selecting the right frame will not only make your print pop but will also enhance the style of your room. The wrong frame, however, will distract from the wall art you have invested in and may not complement the style of your home. Let’s look at a few things you can do to ensure you pick the right frame.

Go Simple 

Firstly, you could always opt to stick with a simple, classic look using a monochrome or natural wood frame. If you have a print with multiple colours and are unsure how to pick the best frame that complements all aspects of the print, sticking with black photo frames for wall art will be the best option. Black will compliment every colour within your image without taking away any attention from the design itself. 

Consider The Style Of Your Print 

If you want to pair your frame to your print, you should always start with the style of print you wish to frame. To do this, you will want to pinpoint the artwork's colour palette and the piece's mood. For example, if you have a dark print, adding a bright orange frame will not suit the vibe and may look a little random; however, if you have a vintage print, pairing this with a dark oak frame will complement the traditional time frame the art represents. 

Look At The Space 

The surroundings you are adding your prints to will play a factor in the frame you select. The surroundings can also play a part in how the artwork is perceived by others. If you are hanging a small print in a large room, you may consider pairing this with a larger, thicker frame to make a bolder statement. Otherwise, a small print in a small frame on a large wall may look a little lost. Similarly, if you have a busy room with lots of furniture and decor, simple black photo frames for wall art will be a better option. 

When choosing the frame, think about the overall vibe of your room. You may have a Scandinavian theme running through your home or a sleek, industrial modern look. These styles will work best with a traditional light wood or sleek black photo frame for wall art to tie in with other features within the room.

Mix Up The Styles

Make a statement, don’t shy away from being bold and mixing styles when finding the perfect frame for your print. Of course, pairing a black photo frame for wall art with your print will look sophisticated and modern in your home however you could make the most of the colours within your art when selecting the frame. 

Whilst we have spoken previously about matching the frame to the style of your print, a traditional piece of artwork can look just as good in a modern frame, and a contemporary print can be given a new lease of life with a vintage oak frame. If you have a particular print you want to draw more attention to, then playing with these contrasting styles can create a unique vibe that sets your print apart from others in the room.

If you aren’t sure having contrasting elements is for you, start simply by pairing a neutral frame with your print. The neutral frame will complement neutral prints however, adding a neutral frame to a colourful print will add some contrast without being too bold! This is a good starting point to introduce mixing and matching styles to your home until you are comfortable with a brighter contrast.

Borders & Matting

Borders have the same effect on prints as matting. They create space, usually white space, around the print. The purpose of the matting or borders is to draw the eye's attention to the centre of the artwork. Deciding to add a border and matting to your frames will come down to personal preferences. If you decide to add these to your framed prints, you will find it elevates the design giving a more polished, aesthetic appearance. Another benefit of adding borders to your frames is protection. Borders prevent your print or artwork from getting damaged and stop the edges of your piece from getting caught on the frame and tearing.

So to summarise, the key elements you need to be considering when you are purchasing frames for your prints are the colours and tones, the interior style of the space you wish to hang your pieces in, whether a simple or statement look is what you wish to achieve, the size of the wall you are adding the print too and whether adding a border to your frame will give the desired look. 

Happy framing!