How To Style Black Frames For Winter

It’s getting colder and at The House Outfit  we’re excited for the cosy evenings spent on the sofa with a hot chocolate! As we change seasons, everyone is spending more time indoors, so it’s extra important to have a space that you like and makes you feel relaxed.

Frames offer the opportunity to add a personalised touch to your interior design beyond art. Not only do they protect your pictures and prints, but they also help aesthetically integrate them into the rest of your decor. At The House Outfit, we’ve been loving a black frame recently. Black is timeless, elegant and versatile, which are attributes you want when choosing a frame for your wall art! We’ve got a few tips for you on how to style your black frames.

Don't Underestimate The Power Of The Colour Black

Whilst this isn’t strictly a tip on how to style your black frames, it’s an important reminder to not underestimate the impact of the colour black. Black is a classic shade for a reason, take note of the little black dress. A staple piece to have in your wardrobe that can be dressed up or down. This is applicable to using black in your home decor as it can elevate a room to look more classy, or can make a space feel more cosy and warm.

Consider Your Own Interior Style

The most important thing when decorating your home, is that you like it. Everyone has different tastes so you should have a look at what you currently like and consider how you can build on this. Luckily, as we’ve already stated, black is incredibly versatile. So, black frames should be able to fit with any of your current decor should you find yourself wanting to use them. 

Create A Multi-Dimensional Look

A gallery wall is a cool, contemporary way of decorating any room this winter, having lots of different prints together is a great way to make a statement. To create extra depth, you can use a range of print sizes with different sized frames. Black is definitely not boring, but in order to create a gallery wall with depth, having frames with a variation of sizes and shapes creates more dimension.

Black Brings It All Together

Whilst we’re on the topic of gallery walls, black frames are a great way to create cohesion when your prints are completely different colours and tones. Black is effortless to combine with other colours and can act as the glue that holds all your prints together. This is the beauty of the colour black, when used in home decor it can unify all the pieces together due to the consistent use of black frames. Black can also make the colours used in your artwork stand out more as it’s a neutral-toned shade for your print to be paired with. This keeps your art the main feature of the room whilst also making sure that the black frames offer a fresh look!

Use Different Frame Weights

When choosing one colour for all your frames, it can be a good idea to switch up the style by using different thicknesses. For example, if you have a lighter art piece with a more simplistic style, having a heavily thick frame could overwhelm the design. However, if you’re looking to frame a piece of art with a bold or bright design, a thick frame would work better. It’s all about looking at what works with each individual piece! 

This winter is the perfect time to make sure you have a space that represents your personality and what you like. Black frames are a great way to switch up your rooms and freshen up your art. Black can bring all your art together seamlessly and give your room a unique ambience! Take a look at the black frames we have to offer for some inspiration!