How To Style Your Prints With Copper Frames

Picture this. You’ve finally decided to kiss your naked walls goodbye. You’ve found and ordered your perfect selection of prints. But, you still feel like something is missing. 

Enter: frames. 

Our range of luxury frames is the ideal finishing touch for your prints. Propped up against the wall for a casual look or hung up for a polished vibe, a print is never fully dressed without a frame. 

But which frame do you go for? Well, our favourites right now are our range of copper frames

Why We Love Copper Frames…

Copper frames are timeless pieces that can easily elevate any piece of wall art. Warm, stylish and seriously on-trend, copper prints add a kiss of something special to your space.

When you put a print up on your wall, you don’t just want it to fade into the background. You want it to stand out. And copper frames are perfect for this. 

The high gloss shine catches the light and the beautiful rosy tones will make it feel like golden hour all day long. 

Plus, they go with pretty much anything. 

The Perfect Pairing For A Copper Frame

Just like matching prints to your interior, there is an art to matching a print to a frame. 

Perhaps you’re a fan of the understated, in which case pairing a copper frame with a black and white print might be the right move for you - nothing too much, just a kiss of copper here and there. 

You might be wanting to create a warm and calming feel to a room, for which we advise pairing copper frames and nude prints. Neutral but special - this is a seriously stylish look. 

Or, if you’re a fan of contrasts, pair your copper frame with green prints. A botanical scene encased with a beautiful copper frame is something we could definitely get behind. 

Now let’s talk about size. You might be opting for a single, statement print, or a series of 2 or three. You may even be going for a gallery wall. No matter which you choose, we can accommodate you with a range of copper prints available in sizes including A5, A4, A3, A2, and 50/70. 

Finally, who is to say you can only have one type of frame? Just like you can mix and match your prints, you can do the same with your frames. 

Create a chic and stylish metallic blend by combining a few copper frames, a few silver frames and a few gold frames. 

If you need a little advice, why not get in touch with our team of design experts? With a keen eye for detail and a great sense of style, our designers can point you in the right direction.