Inspire Your Kids With Our Children’s Bedroom Wall Art

Children are dreamers, pure and simple. Their imaginations run wild, their spirits free. They can conceive of the improbable and think up the impossible. So, their bedrooms should be a place where they can do just that. 

Wall art is a simple way to help make your child’s bedroom a sanctuary by infusing colour, shape and texture. Our collection of children’s bedroom wall art contains a wide range of prints from animals to quotes and everything else in between! 

If you’re unsure where to start, here are a few of our top tips. 

Decide on a theme

Whether you’re opting for calm and neutral or bold and bright, we have prints to help get you started. 

If you’re looking to create a zen space in your child’s bedroom, neutral tones are really popular right now and are ideal for any child, regardless of gender. Our Dream Clouds print series would make a beautiful addition to a neutral-themed bedroom - creating a space where your child can feel safe and dream!  

If strong, bold prints are more your child’s style, we recommend bright colours and animal prints to get their imaginations ticking. Our favourites at the moment include our Born To Be Wild - Leopard print. When paired with our Big Leopard print and some botanical artwork, you’re well on your way to creating a jungle-themed bedroom.

A little bit of magic

Want to create a room that feels magical and inspirational? Our range of prints features some beautiful quotes. Hang these up on the wall so that you can read them over and over when spending quality time with your little one.

Our personal favourite is our Dream Big print.

Adorable animals

Animals are the dependable companions of children. They're the heroes of fables, tales, epics, and legends - a perfect addition to any bedroom.

So whether it’s an adorable puppy, some fierce leopards or a bold dinosaur, it's always fun to dress your child’s bedroom with a few members of the animal kingdom.

Don’t forget a frame!

No matter what theme or prints you choose for your child’s bedroom, remember a print is never really complete without a frame. 

With a wide range of sizes and materials, our range of frames features copper, oak wood, black, silver, white and gold frames - the choice is yours! 

All in all, wall art is a wonderful way to enhance your child’s bedroom, and our range of children’s bedroom prints is the perfect place to start. Whether you choose to stick to a colour scheme or a more topical theme like animals or nature - our advice above all is to choose prints that spark joy and your child’s imagination.