Stay Right On Trend With A Bedroom Gallery Wall

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. 

It's the place where you come to relax after a long day - the place that provides you with comfort and helps you get that well-deserved sleep. Your bedroom is where you wake up in the morning and maybe eat breakfast in bed on the weekend, so you want this room to be cosy, calm and make you feel good. 

The easiest way to set the mood in the bedroom is with wall art - especially gallery walls. 

What could be better than a selection of your favourite prints placed beautifully across your bedroom wall? 

And the best thing about a bedroom gallery wall? You can use any prints you want and change them as often as you like!



Choose your bedroom gallery wall style.

When it comes to wall art, you want to choose pieces that suit your style - and that suit each other. 

We recommend you start by choosing an aesthetic or theme that will remain consistent even as you add new pieces. Your gallery wall style could complement the style of your bedroom, or it can be used to bring something totally new to the space. 

Once you’ve decided on a theme, choosing your prints will become a whole lot easier. Perhaps you opt for a specific colour palette or strictly photographic prints. You could even utilise frames to enhance your bedroom gallery wall - there are no rules! 

But remember, your gallery wall might be the first thing you see when you wake up each day, so, above all, make sure to choose prints that make you happy. 

Bedroom gallery wall ideas.

When it comes to creating a gallery wall, the possibilities are endless. Often, starting is the hardest part. So here are some ideas to help get you feeling inspired. 

When creating a gallery wall, use an empty wall, and you can transform it into something amazing! 

To make the illusion of space in your bedroom, choose neutral prints. But if you want to cosy up your space, opt for deeper and darker hues. 

You could even create your bedroom gallery wall around the head of your bed. Select prints and frames of various sizes and arrange them in a pattern of your choice.

There is one more fantastic way to create a bedroom gallery wall, and that’s a dreamy setup above your dressing table - there’s nothing like a motivational quote or two when you’re getting ready for the day!

So, whether you’re looking to update your existing bedroom gallery wall or you’re just starting out, our wide range of prints and frames are the perfect place to start. Shop by colour to match your interior and explore a wide range of sizes for that all-important variation.