Stylish Decor Ideas To Surprise Guests In The New Year

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Are you heading into the new year with a new home? Maybe you want to elevate a few of the rooms you neglected in 2023. Whatever the reason for needing some 2024 interior inspo, you’re in the right place.

This year, our homes are becoming canvases for brighter, bolder and better aesthetics, so whether you love your industrial decor, have a simple vintage style space or have dull white walls waiting to be decorated, let’s explore the trends you can expect to see and love in the upcoming seasons. From statement sage and DIY furniture to technology integration and layering woods, there is something for everyone. It may be 2024, but this first trend will be taking you back to the 90s

Throwback Themed Rooms

Take your home and guests on a journey down memory lane and create a home that captures the charm and vibrant aesthetics of the 70s, 80s or 90s. From funky furniture to bold patterns and neon accents, there are so many ways in which you can embrace nostalgia while incorporating a modern twist. Whether it’s decorating your walls with vintage posters, setting up a retro record player to play the 80’s classics or bringing out the lava lamps, these fun, quirky, yet still stylish pieces will transform your home while sparking memories and conversation.

The Sage Green Look

Now for something dominating the interior space in 2024: sage green! Offering a timeless backdrop or soothing accents, this pop of colour not only follows a very prominent trend but also adds a sense of freshness and sophistication to the home. When opting for this, consider layering shades of green as well as sage to add more depth and visual interest to the room. Whether you do this through decorative accessories like vases and ornaments, by painting walls for a stylish statement, or hanging green wall art for a themed gallery wall, the versatility of this colour offers a seamless integration into any home. Due to its muted appearance, sage green offers a calming, effortless appeal, making it a staple choice for everyone.

Tech Integrated Spaces

For 2024, integrating technology into the home will take the interior space by storm, redefining the way we live, work and interact around our spaces. As smart homes become increasingly more intuitive with seamless integrations for better comfort and efficiency, more and more people are looking to add these voice-activated assistants, lighting controls and cutting-edge security systems to their daily routines. Homeowners will be embracing automation with the likes of improved entertainment systems, smart thermostats, and intuitive lighting, which can be easily controlled and managed through mobile devices. As we head into the new year, will you be making changes to your home, not only aesthetically but practically, for more convenient and hassle-free living?

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Statement Furniture

Gone are the days of dark sofas, simple white furniture and cream textiles. 2024 is the year for introducing some colour into your living spaces. Your furniture no longer has to be just a functional piece you have in the background; it’s time to make it a statement. This is the time to go bold and vibrant with your new pieces; not be afraid to mix colours and get creative. Remember that this is your space, and you can be as daring with your furniture as you like. You may opt for a contrasting rug and armchair combination or a decorative shelving unit with an eye-catching lamp and print display. This trend focuses on being more playful with your space and experimenting with themes and colours you would usually be too afraid to incorporate.

An At Home Cafe

This is one for coffee lovers and caffeine addicts - an at-home coffee station. One trend that is taking the interior world by storm this year is building a cafe-inspired drinks bar in your kitchen or dining area. We are seeing more and more people invest in professional coffee machines, tools, and kitchenware to save money, making lattes, cappuccinos and matchas from the comfort of their own homes. You may even wish to elevate this new area further with some kitchen prints, decorative jars and new mugs, truly making the experience of 'popping over for a coffee' one to remember for your guests. Will you be mastering your latte art this year

Personalised Pieces & DIY

A trend taking centre stage in 2024 is personalised decor, be it bespoke furniture designs, DIY pieces, or custom prints and artwork. Homeowners are now opting to bring their homes to life with sofas, wallpapers, and decorative items designed and made specifically for them. This trend not only adds a layer of uniqueness to any home but allows for a greater sense of connection to your own spaces with an interior that resonates better with the tastes, preferences and personalities of those that live there… and what’s better than telling your friends and family that the pieces they are admiring where designed by your, just for you?!

Layering Dark Woods

Create depth and warmth in your home by layering various wood tones and incorporating darker palettes. You will find many furniture pieces, both new or vintage, in different tones and finishes, which work together harmoniously to create an inviting environment. As well as your furniture pieces, you can add these wooden accents with framed prints, flooring and decorative elements. Mixing woods will add a touch of luxury to any space, elevating your home for the new year.

Mixing & Maximalising

Do you dare to be a little bit different? 2024 is all about maximalising and mixing styles. Combining modern and traditional elements with contemporary and vintage pieces is the future. Minimalistic spaces are out, busy rooms full of variation and colour are back. Create an eclectic and visually stimulating environment with the likes of statement furniture pieces, unique prints, quirky lamps and pops of colour. Although as crazy as this sounds, the key is to find a harmonious balance that continues to follow an aesthetic route while showcasing your fun personality.

As we bid farewell to 2023, the new year offers exciting opportunities to transform our homes into spaces that not only showcase our individuality but offer greater aesthetics and provide a more seamless living environment. As homeowners start to embrace technology advancements, vintage looks of eras past and statement furniture and colour palettes, there’s only one question left to ask: what trends will you be infusing into your home in 2024?