Tips To Decorate Your Summer House

A summer house is a perfect place to take some time for yourself and relax as well as a great space to work from home or entertain. However you use your summer house, the way it is decorated is key to how it makes you feel when you spend time there, so it must be carefully planned. Consider what you want the colour scheme to include, the type of furniture to install and what kind of artwork to hang up. All of these factors will affect how the space is used and the atmosphere that is created

If you aren’t sure how to decorate your summer house, keep reading for some top tips on how all the best summer houses are decorated. 

Bring The Outside In

The best thing about having a summer house is its connection to the outside world. A small home away from home that opens up to the outside world and makes you feel at one with nature. Add a subtle nod to your garden by hanging some tasteful wall art that features plush plants, flowers or scenery that gives your summer house a calm and tranquil vibe. 

The best thing about wall art is that it is easily changeable, and you can swap your modern botanical wall art for some festive ferns in the wintertime. 

You could combine this with real foliage inside your summer house, which is the perfect place for a plant as they are sheltered from the elements while getting plenty of light. 

Use Bold Colours and Patterns

Many will leave their summer houses as bare wood or go for simple white for beige colours. To give your summer house some personality, choose a bold terracotta or a moody navy to instantly impress guests when inviting them over to entertain. 

Opt for a maximalist style by pairing your bold colour scheme with stand-out furniture such as a fabric sofa or some 70s side tables. Furnishings are the key to making your summer house feel like a home away from home as it showcases the same home comforts that would be found in any living room.

If you want to introduce colours and patterns more subtly, add patterned blankets or textured wall hangings to bring some colours to your summer house without taking over the whole space. 

For those looking to introduce colour without being too overpowering, choosing a calming blue colour scheme with some blue wall art and gold or navy complimentary pieces is one way to make a statement that everyone will enjoy. 

Layer Colours and Fabrics

As most summer houses are made of wood, you will likely already have some texture introduced in your summer house to build on. If not, there are some easy and quick ways to introduce layers and texture in your summer house that will make an impact straight away. 


Remember that layers can be added to all parts of your summer house, whether it's the walls, floor or ceiling. Start on the floor with a high-quality rug that guests will notice as soon as they step inside and feel it on their feet. If you are worried about it getting dirty, you could purchase an outdoor rug which is more durable. 


Layer colours and fabrics on the furniture and walls with various wall hangings such as green wall art, personalised prints, mirrors or handmade pieces. These will add a unique touch to your summer house that will make a big difference to the overall style and give the space a polished and professional finish that will have your guests thinking it was specially designed!

Create the illusion of texture with green marble art or add to your botanical theme with monstera images that freshen up the space without the maintenance a real life plant would require. 

Choose The Lighting Carefully

The lighting can make or break a space, no matter how big or small. It’s essential to consider different lighting levels such as ceiling lights, wall lights and lamps for a cosy feel in the evenings. 

If you want your summer house to be peaceful and relaxing, search for a statement overhanging lamp highlighting your furniture and providing the perfect place to settle down with a book after a long day. 

Encourage the light to reflect around the room with carefully placed mirrors or reflective artwork. Certain picture frames such as metallic, gold or silver frames will also add another dimension to your decor and add warmth to the room, making you feel even more at home. 

If you want the space to be functional, perhaps an office or work from a home studio, a bright light is crucial in keeping you focused while working, and small, dim lights won’t be enough. Hopefully, your summer house will be well lit during the day from the natural light of the garden, but installing the right kind of light for dark winter nights will mean you can enjoy the space for longer periods. 


Cost Isn’t Everything

Decorating a new space doesn’t have to break the bank. If you think you have to invest in expensive art pieces or designer furniture, think again. Stick with the latest trends easily with botanical artwork that can change with the seasons, or swap out your colour scheme easily by swapping your blue wall art for some personalised prints instead. 

These can be ordered in large sizes for maximum impact or in small sizes for a more budget-friendly option. 

Small touches can give an expensive feel to your summer house. Choosing elegant decor that is lit well can make a huge difference, and these can often be found in independent online stores that stock unique pieces.

The great thing about summer houses is that the decor is easily changeable and can be done in a short space of time. Once you have considered how you would like to use your summer house, you can decorate accordingly and search for some unique pieces that your friends and family will appreciate every time they come round. Now you have read this blog, get ready to start shopping for the perfect summer house pieces!