Top 10 Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas For Newlyweds

Weddings represent the beginning of a new exciting chapter in a couple's life and are a special occasion planned with lots of care and consideration.

As a wedding guest, you are invited to celebrate the union of two individuals promising to love and protect one another for years to come. Finding the perfect wedding gift with a unique touch is important. Personalised gifts show effort and love and hold sentimental value. Let's look at ten personalised wedding presents guaranteed to bring joy to your newlywed couple's hearts.

Customised Artwork

Found in a variety of looks to complement homes of all styles, including Scandinavian, minimalistic, contemporary and vintage, abstract prints are a thoughtful way to capture the personalities and the relationship of the newlywed couple. Featuring names, initials, vows, significant dates and quotes in the design, this gift will sit proudly on their wall as a constant reminder of the stunning day and their love.

Photo Albums

A look back over favourite moments and a meaningful reminder of the history of their relationship. Photo albums can be personalised both on the outside and the inside, embossed with names and dates on the cover and handwritten notes to complement the chosen photos. Take the newlywed couple on a journey through their relationship with space at the end to include their favourite snaps from the big day!

Champagne Flutes

A toast to the new couple in style with personalised champagne flutes engraved with their special wedding date, their initials or a line from their vows. These glasses will become a cherished part of every celebration, reminding them of their big day with every 'cheers!'.

Customised Recipe Book / Boxes

The perfect present for couples that love to share quality time cooking up new recipes in the kitchen. A recipe box features unique recipe cards and a decorative box customised with the newlywed's name or a romantic quote. Similar to the recipe box, a personalised recipe book can come featuring specific recipes or blank pages for the couple to get creative with their own homemade creations.

A Personalised Candle

Gifting a custom candle to newlyweds is a thoughtful and heartfelt gesture that adds warmth to their home. Whether they use it for cosy evenings at home or to commemorate their special day, the custom candle will become a constant reminder of their special day and new journey together. These candles can be adorned with their names, wedding dates or a special message from you, making it a cherished keepsake.

A Bespoke Fragrance

Presenting the couple with a bespoke fragrance is a wonderfully intimate and luxurious thing to do. The personalised scent will capture emotions and memories in a bottle that is tailored to their preferences. This scent could become a symbol and nostalgic reminder of their special day for years to come. With every spray of this fragrance will come memories of saying I do in front of loved ones while reflecting on the care and attention you have put into finding them the perfect gift.

Monogrammed Textiles

Choose some household items that they may not regularly want to invest in themselves; this could be dressing gowns, bedding or towels. Have these high-quality, luxury items embossed with initials, names or dates as a reminder of their wedding day. These gifts will make their home feel more intimate, special and expensive.


Of course, they will have just added to their jewellery collection with wedding bands; however, your jewellery gifts do not have to be rings. Finding your newlywed couple delicate bracelet cuffs or dainty necklaces engraved with the date of their wedding will add another special piece to both of their collections that they wear time and time again. These pieces could match one another or be entirely different for each individual, depending on their styles.


Send them off on an adventure they will never forget. Are they adrenaline junkies? Book them a skydiving day. Are they dog lovers? Why not get them the ultimate serotonin boost with a puppy yoga class? This gift is different. It will allow them to make memories that they look back on for years to come. It will show them just how well you know them with a thoughtful experience personalised to their interests.

Home Decor

This gift is full of potential, with many options to select from. You could choose a customised doormat for their pad personalised with a classic Mr. and Mrs. typography or have embroidered scatter cushions made to add some extra special detail to their beds and sofas. Consider their interior style and incorporate this into the pieces you opt for. If they have a simple look, then choose natural tones and keep your gift subtle and minimalistic; however, if they love a pop of colour and fill their homes with patterns and unique decor, give them something that adds to this.

In conclusion, personalised wedding presents offer a unique and heartfelt way to celebrate the love of a newlywed couple. Choosing a gift that aligns with their interests, personalities, and styles will last a lifetime. Whether it is a photo album, print, home decor or a day trip to remember, these options all show your love and care for the couple. The joy that these personalised gifts bring will be truly priceless.