Which Are The Best Wall Colour Combinations For Bedrooms?

In one of our recent blog posts, we have already talked about how the bedroom is your sanctuary as well as how to dress your bedroom walls. 

But what if you want to add some vivid colour to your beautiful bedroom scheme? We’ve put together some colourful bedroom designs to inspire you. Bright blocks of colour like blue, green, pink, grey and nudes are all present.

Choosing a bedroom colour scheme is crucial when selecting how you want your escape away from everything to make you feel. It could express a passion for colour, follow a new trend, or add a pop of colour to relaxing whites and neutrals.

How To Choose The Best Colour Combination For Your Bedroom?

If you're preparing to upgrade your bedroom for the first time or want to update your scheme, you might be wondering what the most incredible bedroom colours are…

Whether you prefer bright colours, bold designs, or a more subdued palette, the importance of picking the proper colour scheme for your bedroom should not be overlooked. The bedroom colour ideas you choose can impact how you feel when you wake up and before going to bed.

Like other bedroom ideas, your colour choice should reflect your personality and meet your demands – but it should also be relaxing.

Start With A Moodboard

Choosing the right colours for a bedroom design scheme is vital when considering how you want your personal space to make you feel. It may represent a love of bright colours and sumptuous tones or be more on the neutral side.

We recommend making a mood board and ordering swatches and fabric samples to help you decide the best colour palette for your bedroom. It will allow you to experiment with colour and texture to see what works.

If you're still undecided, construct several mood boards and see what works and what doesn't in various lighting and how each colour scheme makes you feel.

Are You A Morning Or Evening Person?

If you are a morning person who likes to bounce out of bed and attack the day right away? Then a clean, light, refreshing hue on the walls is probably more suited to you. The blue, womb-like tones or a lush wallpaper will be more prevalent in the evening.

Consider The Orientation Of Your Bedroom

The orientation of your room is an essential aspect of how you choose bedroom paint colours. The quality and temperature of light vary depending on whether your bedroom is north, south, east or west-facing.

For example, a north-facing bedroom will have colder light and therefore needs warming up with pinks, yellows and orange shades (or at least hints of them).

A south-facing bedroom will have more of a glow and, as such, can take colder blue or grey bedroom ideas. East-facing rooms get the sun early on, and they work well with greens and blues; west-facing rooms get the sun in the afternoon, so suit colours similar to east-facing spaces (their orientation is more balanced essentially).

If you prefer neutrals, choose tones that will cool down or warm up the space, depending on its orientation. For example, a warm pale pink for cool rooms or a barely-there grey for sunny areas.

Choose Your Colours Order

The primary colour for a bedroom may be inspired by a significant element, such as a bed, so if you're starting from scratch, choose secondary and tertiary accent colours before decorating.

It's fantastic to pick a hue that you want to be the primary colour in the room and then make sure it's prominently shown, whether it's on the headboard, wallpaper or wall art prints.

Then, using cushions, art, accessories or once again, rugs or bedroom wall prints, duplicate that colour in a minor way elsewhere in the bedroom, and mix in a secondary or tertiary colour of your choice.

The trick is to strike the proper balance between the colours you're utilising in your bedroom. Don't be scared to experiment. Choose the more significant pieces you know will work, and then take a chance with the smaller ones. If necessary, you can always change those.

Match Your Bedroom Colours With Your Walls

We commonly think of a bedroom as being multicoloured, but if you choose the proper design, it can work well in a monochromatic scheme which will work well with any wall art print.

This all-encompassing one colour bedroom scheme is ideal for individuals who want to unwind in a peaceful and relaxing setting.

Choose Wall Prints To Complement Bedroom Colours

When you want to incorporate a variety of wall prints, the most straightforward place to start is with a single colour. It can be your favourite colour or a colour that makes you feel relaxed.The House Outfit has specifically designed colour coordinated wall print collections.

Then look for a range of designs and prints that include this essential hue. It could be small - a leaf or a stripe – but it will be enough to connect it to the primary shade, then anchor the patterns.

Consider Your Colour Choice At Different Light Levels

Above, we discussed how to choose the perfect colours for a bedroom based on the orientation of your space. But don't forget to consider your preferred bedroom lighting options.

Colours vary significantly under artificial light, so choosing the best bedroom colours should be done by lamplight. White bedrooms will appear creamy, pale neutrals will appear deeper and darker, and dark schemes like the one above will appear near-black.

Balance is your best friend when making dark bedrooms work - retain the dark tones on the wall and accessories and add bursts of pale colours for contrast. Use mid-toned wood flooring – parquet is ideal since it provides a subtle pattern to the scheme – and keep the ceiling light from being too bright.

Given how much time we spend in our bedrooms, the entire atmosphere must be perfect. It's the one area that becomes personal heaven. Choose the colour scheme that appeals to you the most and starts decorating to make your bedroom feel like a dreamy retreat.