Black and White Prints

Make a statement and add a modern twist to your interior design this season with our black and white prints collection. 

Say goodbye to dull, naked walls and redecorate with our selection of abstract art, fine art and typography prints. With so many unique ways to display our black and white wall art, allow your creativity to flow as you transform your home interior into your dream space. 

The perfect pieces to add to your gallery wall, make a statement above your bed or attract the attention of guests in the living room! Browse our range of prints to find the artwork that best suits your style. Whether you are looking for those finishing touches to your new place, adding a sophisticated feel to your dressing room or revamping your office space, our black and white wall art is the perfect solution.

Why Choose Black and White Wall Prints?

Black and white wall art is a timeless and classic choice that conveys a sense of simplicity and elegance throughout your home. These prints focus on the composition, texture and contrast, creating a powerful, dramatic effect.

Whether you prefer photography, abstract art or typography pieces, create a striking focal point in your room with depth and texture. A mix of this wall art throughout your home will create a cohesive look which will elevate your interior design.


Dressing your walls with prints is a fantastic way to add a touch of style and personality to your home. Consider the size and shape of the walls you would like to dress and select a piece to complement the space. If you have a large wall, consider a statement piece. Alternatively, you could create a gallery wall with a mix of smaller prints and wall art.

Consider the theme you want to use, which will best complement your decor. If you have a minimalistic home, abstract wall art will suit the space wonderfully. On the other hand, if you have a traditional home, typography art will add an elegant touch.

Complete your new look and protect your prints with our selection of frames. Having simplistic, sleek colourless wall art will allow you to choose from various frame styles and colours. At The House Outfit, we have frames perfect for all wall art and all interior types. Our oak wood frames will beautifully accentuate your traditional home; you could opt for silver or copper to incorporate a flawless finish or stick to a frame that matches your new black and white wall art with our matte black frames. You can also add a professional, clean finish to your look with matting, drawing the eyes directly to the centre of your pieces. If black and white aren’t the colours for you, we have prints available in various other colours and designs, including botanical pieces, blues & greens and neutrals.