Blue Wall Art

Kiss goodbye to your naked walls and transform your home with the finishing touches you have been looking for. Our blue wall art comes in a variety of forms, including abstract prints with flecks of gold, contemporary pieces and fine-line designs. The colour blue itself is known to evoke calm, making it the perfect choice when creating a home with a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

The vast hues offer endless arrays of options to explore and experiment with, including our royal, azure and navy blue wall art.


Effortlessly capture decorative expressions that enhance calm and serenity with The House Outfit's array of blue prints. Whether it be in your home office, bedroom, or living space, blue wall art can add a sense of tranquillity to every room.

Our collection will harmoniously blend with other colours making it an easy choice to incorporate into your existing interior style. If you wish to combine your blue shades with neutral tones for a modern look or contrast with other pops of colour for a vibrant setting, it is a stylish way to enhance the appeal of any room.

This can be a stunning, versatile addition to your home decor offering sophistication and depth to your space. When styling, there are various factors to consider to ensure you seamlessly blend these prints into your existing style, enhancing the overall ambience of your home.

To create a harmonious environment, pairing them with complementary colours like soft neutrals will allow your designs to take centre stage. Ensure you consider the size and placement of your new prints, as larger pieces will serve as a focal point on a bare wall while smaller ones can be grouped, creating a fun, cohesive gallery wall.

Alternatively, mix and match different materials and textures to add depth and interest to your walls and incorporate similar colours throughout the room using throw cushions, rugs and other decorative items. Select blue wall art that aligns with your home's overall theme and style, and use contemporary, abstract pieces that elevate your desired look. Don't be afraid to infuse your personality into your decor. Our prints work well when complemented by family photos or designs from our personalised collection. Make your space uniquely yours.


Styling your home allows you to build a space that reflects your tastes and personality. With careful consideration of colours, sizing, placement and creativity, you can transform your house into an inviting home.

We have a passion for bringing stylish, modern and timeless pieces into your home that make it better than the rest, be that with our collections of prints, the variety of frames we offer or our quality canvases.a

If you are struggling to find the right look to liven up your home or need some styling tips from the people that do it best, check out our blog that features articles on the best art for your home office, the latest trending pieces to elevate your bare walls and how to find the perfect frame for that finishing touch!