Copper Photo Frame

Here at The House Outfit, we think that every room needs that feature piece to bring the space together with style - that is where a copper photo frame comes in.

With their super on-trend colour, a copper picture frame from us is the perfect finish for every room in your home.

Whether you are looking for an a3 size photo frame or an a5 photo frame, we have the full range for you. Our range includes A2, A3, A4 A5 or 50/70 cm, and we offer such an extensive range of sizes so that no matter the size of your artwork, it can be paired with a copper frame that’s just as stylish.. Shop the full collection today. 


Which frames are our favourites, you ask? Well, let’s just say a copper photo frame is definitely in our top three.

Pair our copper a4 frame with bold prints to compliment bold colours or enhance our more neutral prints with a frame that catches the light perfectly, casting beautiful rose gold hues around your home.

Our frames are more than protection for your favourite prints , they are a feature in their own right, designed to tie your interior together with a sleek and elegant finish.


Want something that turns your house into a home? Adding a copper frame into your interior design is only going to elevate your style. Match the threads in your bedding or the accessories in your bathroom and dress your home to impress.

What’s more, with our range of dimensions available you can adorn your home with prints and frames of varying sizes. From a 50 x 70 frame to an a2 size picture frame, we have every size for every occasion.

Want to make a statement with a large print in your living room or bring a little light to a small dark corner? Our prints and a copper photo frame can help you do just that.

Plus, you can mix and match your frames to create an interior style that’s truly unique. We recommend combining our copper poster frames with our gold and silver ranges to produce a metallic blend that is oh so sleek.

For advice on styling or more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.