Gallery Wall Frames

      We at The House Outfit understand the importance of art and pictures in the home. That's why we've expertly crafted and designed the best collection of gallery wall frames.

      You should frame the photos that mean the most to you to personalise the rooms in your home. Pictures, both decorative and meaningful, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by displaying your fondest memories. 

      Surround yourself with photos of your happy family, cuddly pets, and friendly faces. Remember milestones and unique occasions, incredible adventures, and once-in-a-lifetime getaways. Our gallery wall photo frames provide a sleek, stylish yet homely touch to any picture or image.

      So, have a look through our collection and see which catches your eye - and get ready to banish those naked walls!

      Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

      How To Style Your Gallery Wall Frames

      Make sure you choose the gallery wall frame's colour and style based on where it will be placed in the home.

      Take advantage of contrasting colours to emphasise and draw attention to your picture or photo. A black gallery wall frame, for example, looks great against a bright wall, whereas a white or silver gallery frame works well against a darker background.

      At The House Outfit, you can find a range of gallery wall frames to fit modern, transitional, traditional and vintage-inspired spaces.

      With a range of finishes from matte black to copper and sizes from 50/70 cm to A2, you're sure to find the perfect gallery wall frame to suit you and your home.

      Plus, don’t forget that our team of experts is always on hand for inspiration and advice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!