Wall Art Pairs

Don't your walls deserve the best? At The House Outfit, we are all about pairs of prints to elevate your living spaces to a new level. This is why we have created fantastic wall print sets to show off in your home.

With our wall picture sets, you can elevate up any room in your home - we highly recommend this for those jaw-dropping reactions when you have guests over. If you want something to give a touch of colour to your room or something bold and beautiful, we have the perfect canvas prints to brighten up your living areas.

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We think the most challenging part of choosing our wall art pairs is picking one you adore the most. But why would you just choose one?

The walls of your home are screaming for framed wall art sets, and we are the matchmakers to find the perfect pairing of prints for you and your house. Our wall art pairs will be the finishing touch to complement your spaces. Whilst also a prominent part of your room, the perfect pair of prints can take your house to a home.

Are you looking to add an additional element to your room or just want to change your aesthetic? Well, we have the perfect framed wall art sets for you.


Do you want to add something to your room with a little more depth? Do you need some streamlined style in your decorating?

Look no further than our collection of wall print sets! We know how wall art can help bring more depth of feel to a room ad ur selection of wall picture sets allow you to choose from some beautiful feature art and provides variety so you can find the pair that suits your style.

So no matter what you try to achieve, whether you are looking for a modern twist or adding some colour to your home, our canvas sets are the perfect way to do it.

But why stop at just a pair of prints? Pair your selected art pieces with a bespoke and sleek frame. We offer a great range of frames that perfectly match our prints, giving that polished, finished look.

For advice on styling or more information, please don't hesitate to contact us today.