Ways To Style A4 Frames In Any Home Décor?

Your walls deserve to be adorned with prints and images that make you happy and reflect your personality, regardless of the size of your home. Our A4 frames can seamlessly bring life into any space in your home.

A4 frames can be displayed in any way you see fit for you and your home. The potential and options are limitless. If you are after effortless elegance, try putting A4 frames on shelves in your home office to make them the main focal point in the room. Or, if you are feeling creative, use the frames to create a gorgeous pattern on one of your walls; need some inspiration, check out our gallery wall prints

At The House Outfit, we have numerous options, including our stylish aluminium silver, gold, black, copper and even oak wood frames. You’ll be sure to find the ideal frame for your print in our range.

Our A4 frames provide extra security for your photographs, images, or prints on display. Find your perfect A4 frame to give a new lease of life whilst also elevating your chosen space. 

1. It All Starts With The Right A4 Frame

Framed prints help complete a room or home and make it feel more inviting. Whether you want to achieve a new theme or add a touch of personalisation to an existing space, the beauty of our A4 frames is they can easily be customised to fit your desired theme and chosen wall art or photo. Do you want a natural rustic finish? Try using our oak wood-style frames. Or would you rather have a sleek, contemporary look? Then opt for framing your print with a classic aluminium matte black frame. Whatever your style or theme, discover our full range of A4 frames at The House Outfit.

2. Small Space? Hang In There

If space is limited, one of the worst mistakes you can make when using A4 frames throughout your decor is displaying them on top of a drawer or table. Whilst this might seem the quickest route to bringing life and colour to a space, a little bit more time and thought into the final finish will be more rewarding. Hanging your frames tastefully will bring more life and benefit your overall room decor, giving you additional shelf and table space and an excellent wall display to compliment your decor.

Regardless of the size of your space, getting creative with what you have can easily transform your decor. Our A4 frames can be hung in a variety of ways. Whether in an area between a door frame and a wall is an ideal way to display vertical frames, or try three-frame sets which complement any larger walled area.

3. Make An Impact - Mix & Match

Adding an assortment of frames brings fun and personality to any bare wall. Whether you have a large blank canvas to get creative with or a smaller wall to bring life, the choice of frames is key to ensuring all the different shapes and sizes work cohesively within the chosen space. Whether you are looking for inspiration or the perfect pairing, you will find all you need to create the perfect gallery wall with our range.

For larger walls, using various sizes will help draw the eye across your arrangement. Our experts at the House Outfit advise avoiding pairing identical sizes to ensure your gallery wall isn’t left looking flat and disjointed, keeping larger frames central to the wall. Want to take your gallery wall to the next level? Add a splash of brighter colour to your feature. Though we suggest not getting carried away and making the finish look busy, keep to around 25 per cent of your total display. 

Limited with space or want to create a subtle flair to your overall decor? Then look no further than your living room. Utilising a wall above the sofa is a great place to bring your décor to the next level naturally. Now you’ve got your wall and feel excited to transform your living space, hanging your chosen artwork can either elevate the space or leave an overwhelming feature. Your main image should be hung in the centre and at eye-level. Remember, in rooms where people are usually sitting down, eye-level will be at a seated position, so ensure your wall art is hung a little lower. 

Three by three, hurrah. Create a simple yet elegant finish to suit any theme. A4 frames work great with the rule of three. Hanging an odd-numbered grouping of frames looks more natural than even-numbered and works great in any space. Whether framing memorable photos or adding interest with wall art, keep the arrangement symmetrical for best effect, ensuring they are spaced evenly apart.

4. Get Creative With Wall Art Prints

Whether looking to add colour or achieve a neutral contemporary look, our range of wall art are a great addition to A4 frames. This method allows you to use patterns and get creative without having to wallpaper a space or even a whole room! Opt for coordinating wall art in matching designs for the perfect finish.

5. Relax In Style

A4 frames aren’t just for living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. A bathroom can be the ideal space to make way for a more personal touch. Whether using the space to cherish family photos or add interest with a gallery wall or a simple yet sophisticated framed wall art hung in a symmetrical line of three. Is your plain bathroom wall crying for some pamper time?


Our A4 frames are suitable for sizes of 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inch or 21x30cm. Whether you have a picture, poster or a piece of art, our A4 frames are the ideal choice to preserve and display your treasured memories.

Need some inspiration for decorating your home with flair and colour? Then look no further than our exclusive wall art prints.

Do you want to give your home or a room a different touch? Discover how to style your prints with copper frames at The House Outfit.


Make the space your own, whether you have an existing photo or looking to add your favourite print. At The House Outfit, we know it can be challenging to live in small spaces, but you can easily make the most of your room and transform any space with some help and planning.

Whether you've recently moved into a new apartment and have trouble decorating an existing room that feels cramped and cluttered, appropriately adorning your walls can make a big difference.

Always remember to keep things simple! A well-planned wall will not be crowded with several frames. Instead, create a focal point with a single gallery wall or a triple picture frame display with our range of A4 frames.

At The House Outfit, our ethos is that first impressions are the most important, which is why we exist as a company. Our collection of contemporary A4 frames allows you to be as creative as you like, whether with prints that suit your existing decor or by switching things up entirely!

If you would like more information on our products, please get in touch, and a team member will be more than happy to help!

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